June 25th, 2003


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ok... well tonight I learned all about absolute positioning and layers.
works great... wish I knew about this a year ago... and I'm very happy about the whole thing.

a great evening...

Oh, we watched the last of the Temptation Island Aussi too... clinton is an emense moron. (and rice-pelaf there is stranded here on earth...)

alrighti... night night.
I hope all is well.

:D (big grin)

(boring ass picture... but believe me ... it's better than the one I tried to do while eating the bowl of cerial :D)

The "big grin" is coming from a really deep down mask free zone of happy cortoness.
Not easy to 'splain... but when you see me... you see happy. k'mere... lemmi touch you... bet I give you a spark. :D

It's all about the weather yo... The city health officials have issued an extreme heat advisory which translates into public schools not letting the kids play outside. You know how I've ranted in the past about the weather people blabbing about "windchill"... well, they have the summer version of the weather lie... called the "Humidex". What bunk. "It's 36 degrees but with the Humidex it'll feel like 41 degrees."... eat me... it's 41 degrees. :D

And (best part) the day is supposed to round out with a "violent" thunderstorm... and brother... that's the very best kind of thunderstorm.
Personally, I hope it's late late at night and that I'm making out with the adora-Z when the storm hits.
(and if it's too early... it'll screw up Geo's soccer game)

Today is the very last day of Grade 2 for my little man... (and the last day of Junior Kinder for Edward)... Personally, I'm stunned at how the years are FLYING past.

~ gray ftls a little pixie ate my shorts... it's a commando day.
~ beige dockers... wrinkle proof... thank god
~ hunter green short sleeve COTTON shirt. Not wrinkle free... ironing at 7:45 is not my fav thing. :D
~ to live a work existence dictated by the unending elements of a 22 mile long work breakdown structure... ms project... please lick my sweaty spots.
~ Geo has a soccer game tonight. (and it's his last day of school today.)
~ to (tonight) capitalize on how smarty pants I feel after getting great advice from a few friends last night about html layers (style sheet heaven)
~ pull off a random act of kindness in a paying it forward kind of way...
~ just a whole bunch of loven friendly stuff over to my sweet friend chrissmari and her boy... compwizrd.
~ that the new zone... and planned changes... for designdiva go well... she's a woman very much deserving a brand new vibe. :D
~ you all knew this porn star I know in lj... her names, you know... all porno... The Crowd Pleasing Raylene... also known as raylenetaskoski. :D
~ to send a few good vibes of good fortune over to Sugar-Pammy (passerine) for the whole job thing...
~ and to shoot a big karma blast of friendly goodness at my sweet friend vespertine_x just 'cause.
~ oh and ick on evil weather... with plenty of wishes that canuckgirl lives through the current wrath of Mommy Nature The Crack Goddess
~ and although she'll not see this... happy voyage to my grand friends ladonne and her tib-mobile... tigerknightCaptain-Tiger

Ok... nuf of this... I'm seriously in need of getting to work. See ya later muchachos y muchachas...

ps. Tonya... tonya... You can do anything sugar... you can do everything.

pps. The site redesign for my mom... [ :: click me to see the splash page :: ] is only just getting underway... but that's all using plenty of "div" and groovy ass style sheet entries. :D
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