June 24th, 2003


G'morning from the land of crazy people...

I flicked past Much Music last night and caught Beyonce Knowles doing this thang...
left me with a single thought; when you got butt... you can really shake it. (wow)

Why is it that on a weekday morning when Geo has to get up and get to school he's tired like a rock... yet on the weekends, he's bonking me on the forehead at 7:30 to get up and do stuff.?? They boys are finished the school year in two days... Tomorrow is the last day... The last day of Edwards first year of school... The last day of grade 2 for George. This, to me, is simply unbelievable. I know it's a cliche... but I was holding their little newborn selves just yesterday.

oh oh ... and one thing... we watched a few minutes of that show "For Love or Money" or something... first time... geezus shit... it's a good thing the girls are being offered a million bucks... That show totally reminds me of the joke about the guy offering a woman at a cocktail party several million dollars if she will sleep with him... when she agrees he says ... "Um... how about just a blow job for $50?" of course, she replies with "What do you think I am?" and he replies "Honey we've already worked out what you are... now we're just negotiating..."

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ lt blue silk shirt... (great shirt... but it always makes my nipples turn into bullets... er... ok, tmi... sorry)
~ major project weirdo today... I'm so freaking busy at work it's almost funny. As every half hour ticks by... I become busy with something new... so basically... I'm going to die. :D
~ kick my ass all over html code tonight until I can show something for all this time spent on a web site that's been driving me bonkers.
~ sweet wishes for my sweet friend in NC... the... um, "kept woman"... (who is prol'y getting sick of the kept woman joke by now) kimberly26717
~ that all the little bits of debby get collected up and put back together...
~ to breath a sigh of relief with my boston bunny buddy... pookfreak... I'm glad the tests are all good sugar... and that Austin is back on the books.
~ that all goes well for my friend "The Ward"... wbahner while the cats away... taking care of all the business. and she will get there safely.... :D
~ for the ways of business to flex down to a place where beachdog gets to hold on to whats important. It's time for a reread of "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance".
~ sending some good vibes to my pal abbybaby... just 'cause.

A word ... or two;

Two of my longest friends in lj... and maybe the most personally influential friends that I've made here... kristylicious and nbbmom have been through some interesting dances of the spirit in the last few years... and while the swirling skirts of lifes confusing emotions have been a blur sometimes... I've had this really precious kinda feeling in my heart lately as some of that motion settles into some clear sensations for them... they are worlds apart in life... but forever intertwined in my thoughts. They are the same person in so many ways... and so different in others... it's like a carefully crafted piece of literature the way that their worlds seem to mirror one another. I swear that there is a truley remarkable book waiting to be written about these women and their lives. A single book that takes the reader back and forth between the two lives. Of course... that's often what Lj is to me... a living novel with hundreds of central characters.
Kym and Kristy... you guys are simply amazing people. I love you guys like crazy.

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holy freaking hot stuff...

~ it's 36 out there... that's like 98 american... and don't gimmi any more of that "it aint hot till it's over 100" because if that's you... then you have no idea what snow is. :D
~ 10 minutes on the phone outside and the silk shirt starts to feel like a mistake. :D

ok... I'll shut up now. :D

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ok... note to self:

Hot coffee has no business being in my lungs....

forty one years old, and still learning how to drink liquids properly...


html question.

Ok... It occurs to me that I have missed out completely on the development of the DIV tag.

I suspect that I could use a primer or help with understanding how it is employed, if it is indeed how the following effect is achieved...

For example, look at this site... http://www.heidi-strobel.com/html/index.html

YES IT'S A CHEESY SITE... but it's the example I can quickly find... the background image is pretty well the whole site. There are several html elements "in front" of the background image. The source code on the page is a great deal of the DIV tag and a little javascript action.

When I copy the site code and load it up in a HTML editor ... all I get is the html elements occuring below the graphic... versus "in front" of the graphic.

Why ?? what's going on with this?