June 23rd, 2003


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I have a copy of "Behind The Scenes" (Trading Spaces) on my desk... I absolutely have to buy a copy of this for Z... (and if you're reading this Z ... pay no attention to that last sentance). :D

It's going up to 34 degrees celcius today... In American, that would be FUCKING HOT. And, of course, it's a "Play Day" for Geo as the school year wraps up, so he's to spend the day outside?? ug. We slathered on the sunscreen before I drove him to school.

~ gray ftls
~ lt beige p-z cargo jeans?
~ funkadelic shirt... 'cept a button came off in the wash and now it's Captain Sexy Funkadelic Shirt... "honey? Is this open too low for work?" "Well, that depends, sexy... you going to be leaning over at all today?" bwaahahahaha...
~ this entry then... zoooom
~ today is the begining of the action of all the project plans I've been slaving over for the past month... 10 am meeting with one team, 11 am meeting with another... then everybody flys madly off in all directions... controlled only marginally by the plan. :D
~ this afternoon, I'm off work to zoom off to Edwards school and watch a show the kinders' are putting on... and there will certainly be pictures and video a'planty. :D
~ tonight? A hot day that ends with a soccer practice for Geo.
~ that I too could be reporting trippled download speeds... which would also speak to (hopefully) improved upload speeds... (luker 'splain yerself!! :D)
~ for the hearts of men and women... well, specifically the heart of nbbmom and another heart to find their ways down paths of comfort... man oh man but the sunshines brightly in Charlottesville. I'm sooooo betting her radio show rocks the house lately. :D
~ ?? still wishing for some good news to find it's way to a sweet friend, trying
~ that "all that is good" wraps itself around my Burbank baby... kristylicious ... oh look... all my fingers and toes are still crossed... and you? left those shoes in Mexico... COOL! :D
~ that the adorabmonkey... then Nikki-of-Sticky... Ms. wolfiegirl has a great show tonight. :D (and I will look forward to the MP3's with baited breath...)

A quick Birthday wish catchup...

June 21
Happy Birthday Ange (baybabayba)... I could go on for a few pages right here with this one wish... but the clock is ticking. Ange... You never stop surprising me with your attitude on life and the people that live it... let alone the way you slip into my world with kindness and leave just enough space in that doorway to let kindness come to your feet. You are a treasured friend and although we don't talk a whole bunch... I sincerily hope we stay connected as the months and years slip past... Happy Birthday Yabadabado-girl... May your heart be rewarded with the all the love it can hold... heck... even spill over the edges a bit. :D

Happy Birthday jobunches - (tippy, tony and troy? Sounds like a folk song title!!) I hope you had a great birthday sugar and that this year brings you memories and faith that carry you with grace. You have a wonderful family and I do hope you are well placed to enjoy the time you all get to share. :D

bair Happy Birthday Bair-Baby... My second ever Lj friend and still going strong... :D Happy Birthday dear sweet Mary. May you have a wonderful year and fill it with time well spent in the loving arms of you man and the warm embrace of your many friends.

June 23
Happy Birthday Uber Dyke (barefoot_dyke It's a treat and then some to have you in my world of friends and I do very much hope that today brings you great happiness... May this year be a year of great accomplishment... and if not... exceptionally well spent waisted time!! :D

Happy Birthday West Coast Sugar (redheadevilchiq) May this birthday start off a year of living with new reasons to smile and greater reasons to remember smiles. I hope you enjoy today and play safe... stay off the highway ok? :D

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Movie Memory...

Can anyone remember the title of this movie... (I'm talking 60's or 70's here)

It stared (I think) Peter Sellers as this old guy that was either the money man or the agent of "the money man" ... but he went through these various situations handing out money to make people believe or do crazy ass things...

i.e. He paid off the Oxford rowing team to fuck the race... as in, ram the opposing teams boat...
or ... there was a cruise ship that really didn't exist... it was just a set in a warehouse and everyone was convinced that the storms were so bad they couldn't go above decks...

Any recolections out there...


The Magic Christian

(http://us.imdb.com/Title?0064622) *(thanks Cathy, et al)...

Ringo Starr plays a downtrodden homeless guy that the rich guy... um... well, buys. He adopts him and grooms him for taking over his estate when he passes... and the two of them go off to spend the bulk of his money... ("his" being the guy played by Peter Sellers). Fabo movie... :D

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oh, and I'm almost embarassed by how much I like the Michelina's Meat Loaf and Mashed potato lunch... :D

Yummi. (and I'm not actually concerned about the notion of whether or not it's actually meat or hooves... )