June 20th, 2003


yeah... um.. hi.

(very boring picture... I know) I'll work on it... ;)

I wanted so much to make today all about a sweet friend... katscan but things just haven't been working out.
So with that said, Puff-Katty day is officially postponed till next week. :D

The sun is shining... the air is clear... blue sky extends to every horizon. The weekend looks like it will be made in a story book.
We have 12 guests coming for dinner tomorrow night... the story book will have a chapter on bbq ribs for sure. ug.

~ gray hains bbs
~ blue jeans [ :: the goofy vanity continues :: ]
~ new, ok, not so new now, golf shirt
~ um... work.
~ oh, another post later about The Amazing Race...
~ feeling some stuff...
~ that my pal, kimberly27616The-Kept-Woman is having a great time in Toronto... and enjoys the Lets-Spread-Sars-Around concert tomorrow. :D
~ to congratulate barfootdyke... cool news sugar.
~ to stand on the roof and shout "WOW" over and over again to beachdog ... dude... WOW.
~ that someday I will get to go out and play with the worlds bestest gardengnomeNicky-stick-garden-bum.
~ ... um... hey gravity... she's in my thoughts...
~ a whole lotta wishing going on here about a very supportive and kind friend, mandelion.

LJ Birthday Time

~ Hey lovely Lisa... Happy Birthday ladyfire. The world is full of people that walk through their lives... You have climbed mountains and swam oceans where others have mearly had to stroll. You are one hell of a woman and my hat remains tipped to you in every way. This last year has brought so much to your door... and I hope and pray with all of my heart that this next year clears the steps a little. I hope your father finds his health and that your family draws strength from that very difficult situation. May the year also bring great joy to you with your children, Drew and the T-Girl. And, just a sly but obvious "odd" note... may your heart find the strength to weather this storm and give you the peace of calm seas. Peace and plenty of hugs Lisa.

~ Holla inspectorjuryThe-Dave! ... Happy Birthday inspectorjury. You are an amazing man... and saying "bro" to you makes me kinda proud to think that you let me. Thank you for your friendship and may this next year give you plenty to be thankful for. Oh... and I hope you get laid too... :D

~ Happy Birthday isis... clearly you have a big year ahead... that ring on your finger is a wonderful testament to a great relationship. I hope you can wrap you arms around all the Tarpo you need and then have plenty to spare. Have a wonderful birthday sugar...

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yeah... ok... consumption so far today?

5 coffees...
handfull of crack
quaker granola dip (caramel)
Kit Kat Chunky Max
about 10 ritz crackers...

yeah... didn't pack a lunch and have had about ZERO time to hunt for food.
So basically my desk has a ritz, granola and crack supply.

oh, and two things
~ nice soft new cotton golf shirts that are too fucking long are a major pain in the ass to tuck in.
~ fitted boxer briefs are da bomb... but when the leg bits lose their grip... geezus.

okidoki.. back to work.

um... what is "spinning" as an exercise regime? I see this referenced and... stupidly, I have the mental picture of an aerobics class like situation with a bunch of women twirling around till they puke.
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um... note to self:

Terms of endearment have a place in all walks of life.
They can inspire calm
They can deliver concern...
They can subdue
... and in general, they can, well... endear.

However, refering to a coworker at a board table as "pudd'en pops" does not necessarily fall into any of those catagories,
especially when he hardly knows me... :D


yeah... I'm a MS Project FREAK!!!!

Geek moment;
Leveling resources on a project with several hundred tasks
linked by complicated start-start and finish-start predecessors
and lag days is like doing heroin while skydiving...
you know, fucking crazy.

I finally saw the mitsubishi (sp?) car commercial with this song... nice song to be cranken.

Amazing Race... later tonight. :D way way to busy today.

Today is totally over from the worker bee perspective...
next? the insanity that is also know as "making ready for company..."
(quick .. .kill me now).

See ya tonight... :D

oh and;

pookfreak... I hope things are ok ... after the scan today... take care sugar.
chrissmari... sugar? I hope things are ok after that doc visit...
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