June 19th, 2003



That's Geo, mr multiple himself. The Multiples Thing... is something I first saw recently in polypboy's journal
and then again in pixiecup's ... got photoshop? got a tripod and a digital camera? get busy!! :D

Morn'en muchachos y muchachas... it's a slightly chill morning, after a night of rain.
More rains coming but they're talking sun later... ;) That, of course, is of no concern
other that the notion that Edward has a "Fun Day" at school that is supposed to be
all about outdoors... (crosses fingers).

So this Same Sex Marriage deal is really gaining speed in Toronto... I was thinking last
night about how long before there's tour agencies promoting the process and what do I
hear on the radio this morning? yup yup ... So I'm thinking this is all a post-SARS scare
tourism win for the City Of The Discarded Candy Wrapper. :)

Gay and Lesbian couples can plan out big glorious weddings in Toronto. Everybody
can wear medical masks and latex gloves to avoid SARS, and loads of bug spray
to keep the West Nile Virus at bay... and, of course, there’s the meal at the reception.
Should you go with the Mad Cow platter, or the less popular but probably much
safer Angry Chicken? Or, for the slightly vegetarian... there’s the Partially Off-Put Fish.

~ black ftls
~ light beige p-z cargo-kinda-jeans
~ funkadelic shirt that my mommy bought me for my birthday. :D
~ ms project 2002 resource commitment leveling... (fun eh)
~ er.. lots of that last item... we'll see what the afternoon holds
~ tonight? it's AMAZING RACE night... :D :D
~ oh, and I got a right-sounding single boot beep from Z's husk of a computer this morning after clearing the cmos... we'll see if I can get it all together again. The goal was to upgrade the bios and put a new Athlon chip in it... (she's still a rather slow duron)
~ to thank polypboy for his inspiration... :D
~ that my buddy frozenone soon realizes it has nothing to do with who notices or appreciates it... it's all about living out the fantasy ... and her fantasy has a green calligraphy pen. :D Now, the trick is to make sure your main squeeze understands this concept... so when you start explaining how things work in your fantasies... er... :D
~ that my friend ldygwynedd will always remember how much I appreciate her friendship.
~ to pass a very warm vibe off to a long time, and very sweet, journal friend, damny... it's a journey sugar... I hope you find a path.
~ for the sniffly ick zone to run away from jennfromtx... feel better sugar.
~ to take a moment to point out that inspectorjury is a Dave... and a mightily good dave at that...
~ oh... and sweet pookfreak... take care today.

When your heart holds a homecoming dance
And only a few invited guests show up
It's ok to have a food fight with all the extra food
'cause you gotta have fun with the love that endures.
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