June 18th, 2003



So we finally watched "Y tu mamá también" tonight.
Very odd... you certainly get carried away with the delivery of that story. :D
I'd say thumbs up. (or fingers... if you listen to her... :D)

We watched the second last episode of the Australian "Temptation Island" tonight as well... we've been following along sporadically.
Dude... that is how the show wanted to play out in America but it just didn't have the kahoonahs to pull it off.
Oh and if you do that show... Piaf is a freak show... what the hell is his big ass deal with her. yikes.

And for something altogether different...

There is something magic about scratching a 5 year old's back
to help him get back to sleep when he wakes in the night.
A perfect canvas of a back.
Just small.
Tiny little shoulder blades...
the hint of ribs...
all the little fiddly bits that happen around your shoulders.
one hand, four daddy finger tips, dragging nails down, up and down again...
covers every square centimeter of skin...
... and then he's asleep.

Small and precious spaces in your heart get all warm and tingly at moments like that.


Time for bed...

Good night elljay.
You're an interesting place these days.
You know that old coke song... "I'd like to buy the world a coke... and keep it company"
Yeah... lot's of that...


Just a memory moment... but a day late.
I've learned several things about myself and the way I see the world around me in the past three years.
They have been formative years. Livejournal just happens to have been there in this time and it has,
in many ways, been a conductor of the learning... although not the learning itself.
I knew I was onto something good when a random contact took me to a place where I could reach out
and do something tangible for a net friend... and blurr the line between net and meat space friends.
A young woman I had met in lj was having some trouble with some geeky thing and it occured to me that
I was in a good position to help. So I did. It's not a really big thing... and she may only passingly remember
it now... but that is of little consequence. The real issue here is that I remember... and I remember it as a
bit of a turning point in the way I viewed the net... my contact with it... and my sense of self in a very general way.
This is my earliest memory of lizvang... A smart, adorable and altogether sweet girl who may be in Toronto,
but will live forever in my memories and close to my heart.

~ gray ftls
~ new beige dockers
~ lt blue silk shirt...
~ more goofing around with a stack of win2k servers...
~ mess with a telalert box for the afternoon
~ ms project hell if the time is there...
~ a night in front of my computer.
~ I had a better handle on my funk miester... he's been playing havoc with the inside of my head lately.
~ I had a hand grenade to toss at the muthafuqua's that were blocking two lanes of traffic this morning to do some punk ass cleaning job on an overpass during rush hour.
~ that my sweet friend bondas remembers to hold onto the power of her posture... she's been working hard to get a grip on it...
~ ... well, just wishing to send some vibes of a friendly sort over to pixiecup... there is really no end to how easy it is to care about this woman.
~ for my friend meave...(princessblondie) just a thought crawling around inside about how she's doing today... and hoping for the best to stay with her.
~ and something else... just because... some props and vibes over to dpaul007. "Brother can you paradigm" Obviously, the world is currently stuck skipping on a crummy song... but there has to be just the right nudge to get back on the songs' track. I hope things turn bro... I really do.

A couple of late Birthday's...

June 16... tendertouch Amber, I've known you in lj for quite some time... all the way back to the Object of... journal. So many things have happened in your life that I can feel the threads of you weaving themselves into mine... and I know you have a big year ahead. I hope this next year brings you wonderful memories and carries you to it's end with grace and great achievement. I hope you had a wonderful birthday sugar-touch.

June 16... northrngirl ... ah the frozen north... I hope you had a wonderful birthday Wolf girl, and I hope this next year is a year marked by personal growth and a calm control of the wild world that swirls around you. Happy Birthday sweets.

Now ... I'll have to work out a moment for todays other birthday wish... :D

a special birthday moment on my friends list.

Happy Birthday Lydia...

Today is sweet ly's birthday....

She and her husband Cris, had their first baby not too long ago... Little baby Mariana.
Her friendship in journal land has been a constant from her home in Mexico across the
continent to my door for years now (ok only a couple, but saying "years" sounds so cool!)
and it has been one of the great pleasures in my journal experience to know her and her family.
She, btw, has a deep deep voice that melted my heart the one time I had a chance to speak with her.

Dear Lydia;

Happy birthday sweet-lilttle-mommy... May this year bring to you every imagined joy,
and it is my hope that you overcome each of the little challenges that you and Cris
will certainly encounter as new parents. Patience, love and the strength of family
will overcome all. I hope your spirit is ever strengthened by the experiences you
are sharing.

I will never ever forget the deeply felt joy that I experienced in watching and reading as
you carried Mariana and I look forward to every little snippet of time you will have in
the future to share your stories.

I know that I speak for every friend you have made in journal land when I wish for you the best
of health and the greatest happiness in the upcoming year.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Lydia... Happy Birthday to you!! :D
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he's gone... long day.

got to get home and zone into the Geo Soccer game ... talk at you soon...

Oh, and I've been keen on those "multiples" pictures... working on one... :D

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yeah... a big win for Geo's team tonight... and daddy got to be a "flag guy" and help out the stand in coach. (keep yer eyes on the L. :D )

Now? HUGE ASS mess in the kitchen and two boys that need "gett'en to bed".

See ya in an hour...