June 15th, 2003


morn'en and Happy Daddy Day.

Well now... isn't that precious... Edward made me a "tie" at school.
I think I'll wear it to work tomorrow. :D

Yesterday... about 20 minutes after that morning post... I was utterly consumed by a headache that would not quit.
I managed to push it back a bit for the day and night only to wake with it just destroying me at about 6:00 this morning.
Now? Either it's all gone or it's being held in check by advil. Not a migrain, thankfully, but some kind of sinus deal. blech.

We had my sis over for dinner last night and bbq'd some corn-on-the-cob... this is officially the BEST way to have COTB. :D (thanks luker).
We watched a movie called "The Weight of Water". This was a very interesting flick... besides Lizzy-the-hoe's Breasts popping up everywhere, it was a remarkable story and told in a most remarkable way. Sarrah Polley gave an amazing performance... very much an "acting" achievement.
We have "Y tu mamá también" on deck... but it's a seven day rental ... so there's no rush. :D

~ er... well, the tie.
~ to shower and clean m'self up a bit :D
~ more clothes... proly a good "stay out of jail" move.
~ to sort through the zillion pics taken yesterday and make a click'y'pic post. :D
~ Ed's got soccer this aft ... well, at 5:00.
~ more movie action tonight.. maybe...
~ to send a heartfelt Happy Fathers Day to the many dads in my world of Lj friendships... yer a good lot and I hope the families you have with you give yo a little piece today... er... well, ok... maybe just some peace... but personally... I'm hoping for a piece. :D (giggle)

You know... on fathers day, I used to just wish for a day of rest...
a real lazy ass day and nothing more.
Now that this is almost a given...
because my darling z and the boys have this concept well in hand.
After consuming a muffin in bed and sipping on coffee that the boys
get to make "themselves!", my thoughts turn rather quickly to the children
I have learned so much about in the wonderful homes made for them by
their single mothers.
Well... I guess it would be more accurate to say I think about the
single moms and how they handle today. If I could make one wish,
from my heart to their worlds, it would
be that they know deep down inside how wonderful they are.
They carry the ball in so many ways.

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~ That movie... Curley Sue... always gets me diving for kleenex at the end... I'm such a sap.

~ we have little "head dress nets" to wear at soccer. People stare... then swat the bugs away from themselves... then they look wantingly. bwaahahaha. :D

Time to go be a soccer dad...

A quick review...

This weekend...
(click the pics)

Swimming wrapped up yesterday...
Edward is still somewhat hesitant in the water...

... but he likes to wave.

With this little swimming moment [ :: a 1.6 meg avi :: ],
geo put a lock on his level 4 badge (he literally beamed). :D

Then the "Kids Party In The Park" went down.
This is a big ass sponsorship deal with free hotdogs and drinks,
put up and cooked by the local Loblaws (grocery store),
and big boucy houses and slides... pony rides (with big dumb line-ups),

...games, prizes...

...races and face painting.

(that's Ed... resplendant in his spiderman face)

and Geo... who, I promise, is not stoned... even though he looks it.. :D trying to look like a mean lizard. :D
Of course, the kids [ :: love temporary tatoos :: ]
You troll through the experience catching up with neighbors
and the vaious parents of your childs friends in a way reserved
for events like these. But the children a right-rip-roaring good time...
and are all a-buzz'en from it.

Today? Today was plenty of busy work with a bit of a bicycle clinic in the garage sorting out a bike for geo because he's getting too big for his current one. The rafters in our garage are a wash with hand me down and garage sale bikes... lots for the kids to grow into. :D

Then Ed had soccer.

He does manage to look teeny tiny when he's out there... :D It's adorable in the extreme to watch him play... er... herd...

Here he is [ :: willing the ball to move :: ]