June 13th, 2003



Yeah... so we're making a totem pole... sue me. :D
A normal friday - non-scare-your-pants-off picture can be found [ :: here :: ]

It's gray and threatening rain and blustery out there today...
I was racing the rain en route to work today. Every time I slowed down...
a few new drops would hit the windshield. Does this matter? Not one teeny little bit. It's friday...
the 13th no less... a glorious freaking day!!!

Oh... when I was doing the deodorant, shave, and growl at myself in the mirror thing this morning...
I discovered that I can get serious "hair standing straight up" action with this cut. I'll have to do that....

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: yup... still doing this... :: ] *
~ new golf shirt... has a colar... boss can stop jotting down notes in my personnel file about dress code. :D
~ to work on ms project2002 until my head explodes... which, with ms project, will take about 20 minutes... stay tuned. :D
~ write up something about Amazing Race... there is so much to dis about those people.... I'm really enjoying the show.
~ it's friday... I need to embrace the full force of a harsh week ending. hmmm...
~ to point at baby Daniel and say to reens... it's called "Scootching". :D
~ that it weren't true... but alas (earwax) ... breekola is a boy band groupie.
~ for a healthy turn to come'round for my sweet friend cherripop212 (and what's the 212 all about?) Feel better sugar...
~ and you too frozenone... although I'm not calling you sugar... maybe "brutha"... z'at work for you? :D
~ to say that I had a big big smile when I read in imprincessapril's journal about Pinky and Funshine... how freaking cute is that. :D

Oh look ... a soap box...
What the hell is wrong with this country??? I'll tell you what's wrong ... and it's not just with this country... it's with the whole geo political nationstate concept in general. Our piss ant useless military, poorly equipped and basically on it's last farquing legs... is busy being shunted around the world to little backwards ass countries where people have very little concept of the value of a human life... where every few years the guys who liberated the "people" from the last dick-tater needs to be overthrown because they turned into the same sort's of 'taters. And of course, we have to have leaky, piece of shit, 25 year old "Not Really New, But New To Us" big honking submarines... because we are so involved in Naval Battles - not!. So why not pony up fucking billions of dollars for these subs... and then spend more BILLIONS of dollars fixing their leaky asses. Great. GREAT GREAT GREAT... I'm all flush with fucking joy.
Oh and by the way... we have to lay off a bunch of Registered Practical Nurses (RPN's) in Toronto... you know SARS-Capital of Canada, and bus our kids to distant schools where they sit in "Portables" to be taught by underpaid, overworked, teaches... because we can't afford to treat the people who take care of us (nurses) and our kids (teachers) with the respect they deserve... let alone provide the funding for their working environments to be EVEN A FRACTION AS NICE AS SOME PUNK ASS MILITARY FUCK. The world is a mess.

ok... all better now. (climbs down)

* vanity? naw... first of all... look at that picture... where is my ass? gah! now a web page with all the friday jeans pics would be vanity... hmmm.... }blink{
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The Amazing Race #3

The Amazing Race

So... when you’re out with your hommies... do you pull that "because we are mawwied to professional athalleets" crap with them? ‘Cause honey it’s wearing thin and I’m just getting to know yer sorry ass.

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oh and;
Note to self: When working in an office that provides endless coffee... try a whole lot harder to take a piss on any sort of rotation that is not "at the end of the day"... cripies... I'm always dancing down the hallway on the way out with my knees locked together practically drowning...

er... yeah, so that's what they mean by TMI huh... oh well...