June 12th, 2003



Ok... I look like a complete and total psychopath in that picture.
maybe I am? I dunno.... whatever. I had something besides be'en a psycho in mind
with the image. ;)

I got a seriousl hair cut last night...
now I'm wondering if I should have what's left coloured red...
like metalic serious red ...
not hair red...
we'll see.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ pale something...KC shirt with the side zip. maybe a pale blue... or is that pail blue? fucking english... Yeah... I have a bucket of blue on today.
~ to get this done quick
~ need to geek it up hard core with an OpenView Operations console and rip apart a bunch of templates...
~ another raft of documents to prep...
~ THE AMAZING RACE is on tonight... I know I never wrote anything on last weeks show.... I suck.
~ that all goes well with a hearty dessert that goes by the name of lakme.
~ that my buddy in NC gets over her ccccccccold. kimberly27616... you have a concert to go to ... get better would ya.
~ to send some good vibes over to a very sweet friend, bondas ... because she really deserves 'em
~ to point out that breekola... will prol'y get what she wants... :D (snicker) .
~ that my friend lindalee_ finds herself a little bit closer to her center. The edge is a nasty place to dwell... Hugz
~ I could shoot some karma popcicles (sp?) over to a much absent simplyred and wish her well...

Um... do you know rini? my goodness she's a treat... I am so looking forward to reading her as she goes through her wedding... and life.

Ok... I've really got to jet... I wish I could stay and play... but I got to get me to the other side of today.

ps. Thanks... all of you.. No really.
pps. this song, along with spanish, gets me... you know...
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ok... tippidy tappedi..
waiting on z to watch Amazing Race.
Other than a late start to that...
... tonight has gone very much as
Except for the baseball in the face.

er... I mean. Ok... see at my folks house
the very first thing that happens is
Geo asks me to come out in the back yard to play catch.
Gloves and a circa 1958 hard ball.
We are like 10-15 feet apart... doing "arm outstretched" catches.
Ed is bobbing and weaving between us with a stick in his hands.
He (ed) is forever dashing into view, twirling whatever he has in his
hands and hollering "Obliviate"... a thing from the last Harry Potter movie.

[ :: Edward yelling Obliviate as a mp3 file... small, like 256kb :: ]

Any ways... after some "lob ball" catches... we try some tosses
because he wants to hold the glove up in above him to catch.
Geo is missing about 75% of these, btw. He just needs serious practice at this. :D
Ed bouncing around... Geo missing a toss... and my not seeing dissaster looming
all contribute to a THUNK... Hard Ball ping'ing off geo's cheek.
His outstretched, gloved and empty hand is motionless for a moment
then it's all about being horizontal. Ice packs later, he's right as rain...
except of course that I feel teeeerible. (sub in whicked cool new zealand accent for that last bit)

I gotta stick to vollyball. :D