June 11th, 2003


ni ni

ok that's a wrap.
pack it away and lock the trunk.

a big comfy bed is calling my name...
Well, it's more like a lil'whisper.

Today was a nice day... but I got so nothing done today that it really drops the overall rating down quite low.

Tomorrow needs to be a more productive day. :)

See ya in the morn'en.


Me... zoom out of house... not time to poke around with pictures...
but man...
I'm having a serious bad hair day. I am unhappy with my hair...
must change it... must do something!!!!
Blue would be nice... screaming real candy red would be better.

RAIN... buckets and buckets of rain... a way wet morning.

So they approved (in Ontario or Canada?) the same-sex marriage thing... finally. I've said it before and I'll say it again... this is one of those "innevitiable" things... why fight it? why waste my tax dollars pissing about something that everybody knows is a well, just and fair thing. Go us... now if everybody else would please hurry up and follow suit... maybe this issue will finally go to bed. Note: See South Africa for a shining example of how it should be done... it's a basic freedom people.

I went to the Webby Winners list last night and trolled some sites... looking for inspiration on design and flow... for web site stuff... I like the stuff I found.

~ black ftls
~ groove station new light p-z pants... kinda cargo... kinda jeans... kinda I-like-em-a-lot
~ beige t and a txt v-neck.
~ k... my BIL met me at the autoshop last night... after I drove z's car out there...
~ today, he picked me up to drive to work (he works near here) and will drive me to the autoshop after work... good BIL...
~ freaky big stress day... meeting at 1:00 to present... between now and then? of several re-writes ... of course.
~ tonight? Well Geo had a sore throat this morning... we'll see if he goes to soccer tonight... (rain rain, go away)
~ that my buddy ratonil does well today on the english exam...
~ for the green cloud to lift from around lizvang... :D (giggle)
~ that kristylicious's head feels ok today... along with jaggedpill's... silly girls.
~ to send some vibes over to my good and precious friend kitykity... just 'cause.
~ for a thunderstorm... to help my friend queenveets... the Veeta-girl... in her quest for sleep.

Quick Birthday catch-up!! :D

Happy slightly late Birthday (June 8th) to redfenix May this year bring you every opportunity to grab joy and hold it close to your heart... And I'll bowl with you guys any tiime... :D

Happy somewhat less late Birthday (yesterday) to caren. I know you're a busy girl... so I guess I'm hoping life lets you smell the roses this year and that good friends hold your spirit with loving hands. :D I hope you enjoyed your birthday lil'sugar.

Happy equally late Birthday to ciannait. Have a wonderful year sugar... I hope you make the kinds of memories that you can carry with you for all time this year... (mountainview... it's so beautiful there!!!! - well, in my memories...)

Happy Birthday bosox... Husband of kea... and daddy to a sweet little baby girl... Brianna. You have had a hulluva year over the last twelve months... and while there's little rest for the wicked or the parents... let me wish for this next year to give you a few chances to catch your breath and find the close comfort that parents need to have together to be the best that they can be for their little ones. Have a wonderful year bro. :D

Ok... hi ho hi ho... it's off to work... :)
See ya.

ps. daikan is ma bitch and that's all there is to say about that. :)

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Ok so soccer.

The opposing team's coach had a thing for "coaching from the field".
Translation... the guy is standing in the middle of the action ... constantly... on the field.
The uproarious applause the burst from the assembled soccer moms and dads came about 1/100 of a second after someone, in the heat of play, hoofed a ball that found the back of said coach's head with a resounding thud. It was quite humorous. :D

Next up? Bedtime rituals.. .then off to my moms for a hair cut.
See ya.