June 10th, 2003



There's a cycle you know... I'm just say'en... I can't be here in Lj for this long and not find patterns.
People come and people go...
Things change and that's gotta be a good thing.
I suppose it's a pathetic irony to read me saying "Change is always good... just sometimes confusing."
being the guy that frames his journal experience on the ever present morning post.
Well a) tough... I like the morning posts. and
b) I hope the changes my friends are experiencing brings their lives to better places.
oooooh... meester cryto man slips in another splinter.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ *cough* Jet Black t shirt and a blue silk shirt over it...
~ on finding the time to write that Amazing Race comment I never posted...
~ on the heals of yesterday, a massive rewrite of the big doc... "this is wonderful... now can you make it look like this...?" mmm... ok.
~ submit some medical expense stuff... finally. (if I remember... gah... i'm always forgetting to do this!)
~ cut the grass when I get home... er... maybe after dinner.
~ to get some time today to read up on pixiecup... I'm behind with you sugar and I'm gonna change that.
~ to point out that jaggedpill has WAY too much time on her hands.... :D
~ my friend in TO, lil liquid girl... the every precious lesslyn finds a smile.
~ a world of wishes that all have the name Lisa in them... and yeah, they're all about ladyfire
~ to just send a few vibes over to ladonne and wish for good karma to come to her hands, that she may pass it on.

I have, btw, no idea why my site is so slow today... is it slow for you? it's slow like death from here inside the office network.
I'm poking around on it ... we'll see what I can find. (ps. if the pic doesn't load... look again later... the server may be rebooting)

I need to get my ifmonitor working again... gah... freaking mysql. it's an official BAH! moment of geeky frustration.

Ok... I gotta get to work... see ya soon I hope. :D;
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