June 8th, 2003



Ok... non-stop-weekend in progress...
but first... I installed the new MB on Thursday night and the system has stayed up ever since... It's like the unltimate viagra groove for my computer. Please search your memory for a happy corto image and paint me that way. :D

We watched Adaptation on Friday night. When he caves in and phones his brother... it's like the script suddenly changed to a script written by his brothers style at that very second. Man what a movie. There is so much about that movie to see as reflections of different parts of reality. I highly recommend it.

Saturday? Computer free day... yeah, well I still hate that concept with a passion but whatever... a busy ass day. It was swimming lessons, and soccer team picture day. OH AND DIG IT... Z went into the sports complex I went to the park with Ed - um, you know those little bugs that zing around your head and face in the heat.. oh man I hate those - Any ways... I digress... It took forever for the picture to get taken... why? well seems that one of the boys wasn't feeling well... in fact... just before the picture snapped... he barfed... He was in the back row. Yes, you do get the picture. It took an extra half hour to clean the other kids up, the set and the sick kid... OMG I would have barfed just watching this. gah!

We went back to Houser and changed our minds on a new patio table. Z is in home-furnishings-heaven over the process of getting new furnature for the deck. Our old cast iron chairs are being refinished to match the new table and blah blah blah... it is a really nice table though. Pictures some day - after we actually get the table. :D

More deck washing yesterday and a fabulous dinner ... bbq kabobs (peanut satay chicken and teryaki beef - drum roll worthy yum there).

Last night? Z went to visit her mom while I did the evening rituals with the boys... This included wonderful moments like a picture falling off the wall and bonking me while walking with a new, full, hot cup of coffee... I dunno, but I felt cursed yesterday. Loads of frustrated moments. So I reacted by baking a huge chocolate cake. When z got home at 11:00 I popped in 007 Die Another Day and totally enjoyed it... while Z slept. :) Oh, and I watched parts of the MTV Movie Awards show that was rebroadcast on Much last night... I thought the goof on the Matrix at the begining was great and I laughed hard at Gollum... that was priceless. AND The Tatu song... the wet dream thing of a zillion school girl uniform clad babes running in dancing around and getting half undressed... was about the best 20 seconds of feed-my-inner-porn tv in months. geezus.

~ I just woke up... well at 9:30 and threw on some sweats and a t. Shower is pending.
~ but after that ... it will be shorts and a T.
~ taking pictures of toys... (photochallenge)
~ finishing deck wash... I think I'm gonna put some oil on the cedar... need advice on this.
~ taking George over to a friends house for 1:00 and Ed to soccer for 5:00.
~ to get a chance to look at Kim's house pictures (after shower..)
~ I could get some actual "relaxing" time in this weekend.
~ to send a warm vibe out to pookfreak basically because she's a sweet friend deserving all the warm vibes I can put out there...
~ oh and wishing I could visit hisbeauty... and go for a swim. :D
~ er... and I saved some vibes for raylenetaskoski... just 'cause. Hi ya Ray baybee... :D

Ok... I really need a shower.
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