June 6th, 2003


Holla Muchachos y Muchachas

See that guy? He's smiling because.... I got the new mb into my system without a hickup... and when I woke up today it hadn't rebooted. :D (it's a big deal to me, ok! :D freaking computer has been driving me around the bend... so now I'm praying the thing is still good by the time I get home from work. If not... it'll be time to replace the video card.)

Oh, and he's smiling because it's friday... it's sunny, crazy ass beautiful outside, my wife is unbelievably beautiful and loves me, my kids are healthy and happy, and I have a heart so filled with love for the world around me that I half expect to be locked up at any moment. :D

I know ... I know... yer prol'y all gonna be jaded by corto and his ever loven outlook - gasp, talking in the third person again - ... try not to get too jaded. I have been down.. Believe me... I know what down is all about... I have grown to well and truley appreciate how great it is to not be down there. k'mere... walk with me a bit... maybe we can enjoy the view from here together.

There's a Police Chiefs Association... news in itself, in Canada... and they have made a formal recommendation to all "officers in the field" to stop arresting people caught with 30 or fewer grams of pot on them... They'll still confiscate the pot (because, you know, Cops get to smoke the best pot) and they'll still write up the incident, but in glorious Canada, the Surpeme Court has wisely let deadline after deadline slip in establishing pot law precidence. Cool.

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans, a very comfortable pair of blue jeans... do you own jeans like that... I practically sigh when I climb into them.
~ [ :: goofy friday jeans'n'ass picture :: ] (and yes, I know it's goofy... sue me)
~ a gray T and a comfy silky shirt
~ first thing (all done now) was a meeting with a Remedy Team to work out an integration-with-openview issue
~ massive report due today... must get myself busy!!
~ a few more posts in mind... including a review of Amazing Race from last night (low key review, btw... not a big ass deal)
~ rent a DVD tonight... I'm hoping for 007 myself... and Adaptation is in there for a rental too.
~ that all is well with a sweet and yummi little mommy way down in Mexico!! Happy friday to ly, Chris and their bundle of love, Mariana.
~ A big Happy Birthday to a little 5 year old nugget named Nicky. That would be nbbmom's little boy. I've known him, through her, since he was two... one of the joys of this journal experience is having friends like Kym and being able to build such a history. He's a good boy... with a great mom. Have a great year little man. :D
~ that my sweet friend amyaustin has a great week leading up to her pending "delivery" ... baby making Austin girl... have a great week sugar and I hope we all hear about how great the delivery was. :D (ps. she was the giggle girl on that little sound bite earlier this week... [ :: this is the full clip she gave me, a radio break from her work where the Talent all fell apart laughing! :: ]
~ to remind by buddy beachdog that February 2 is way way behind us... so seeing your shadow just dosn't have the same impact. :D
~ to profess my unending appreciation for lizvang... why? Just 'cause... !!
~ that everybody had a sweet mommy like khisanth has... :D
~ and a bucket of good luck vibes over to eiffelgirl today!!
~ to just point a little karma bomb over to a sweet and very precious girl... and I hope that you find your way back to the love you have... it's a good love sugar. He's a good boy...

Hey... and a birthday catchup!!

Happy Birthday (yesterday?) to maggie... sneaky girl without a birthday listing!! A self described "sweet piece of pregnant ass"... Have a wonderful year sugar... and I hope the experience of bringing a new baby into your world (for Logan to help you with) brings you all the joy you can handle.

Happy late Birthday to susan0406... You've been a wonderful friend sugar... I hope you have a great year ahead of you and that the friends in your world made you feel appropriately great for this years kick at the calendar. I look forward to many more years of finding your friendship around the edges of my world. :D