June 4th, 2003



It's wednesday right? I mean... it better be... where am I? oh right... ok. Hi.

Yeah, a little dissoriented ...
but that'll happen after sleeping the sleep of one wrapped in bliss... (giggle)
And, btw, Aliens and weather are not responsible for crop circles. It was me. All of them. You read it here first.

It's sunny and absolutely beautiful here today... You wanna be in Ottawa.
It's gorgeous here. Of course, if you were here, I'd get to show off my kids,
and feed you. Yeah... it's something I do when I'm not making crop circles.

ps. Jodie Foster still looks like a million ...

~ black ftls
~ grand shit kicker shoes... and lord it would be a farking gas to be honestly able to stop there. Walking into work with my lunch bag would be so halarious I think I would lose weight from all the tears of laughter.
~ dk blue dockers.
~ "jet black t shirt" (lol) and a blue tone silk shirt...
~ to finish this up in a snap and get busy...
~ project due by lunch... and must MUST not be late.
~ coffee... plenty of coffee... and crack... gotta have the [ :: crack! :: ]
~ tonight... must work more on my moms web site... I'm on a roll and don't want to lose momentum.
~ to point out that pink may not, in fact be red, but bloody hell, tough.
~ that mother nature finds her stash, down in texas, and catches enough of a buzz to calm down and leave my poor mandelion alone...
~ to wave madly and be all sweet like over to the very best of the Egg Girls. Hi Egg baybe... (xaheras)
~ that I find time to write to xellos today... I miss her.
~ for some relief to find wbahner... I hope you feel better bro.
~ that all of my friends will just mumble quietly a few words of good karma over to my very sweet friend arlyn...
~ I had a video clip of an indian falling off his horse from an old western... so I could dedicate it to my friend laciann...

// quick rant

Do any of you know what happened in Rowanda a few years ago?
One improbably goofy named tribe of recently-crawled-out-of-the-jungle peoples slaughtered another.
We all know what the Mustache Man did... burning the "other guy" by the truck load... litereally.
Stalin? Hey, when he said "get out of town" he meant "go freeze to death in the north" and he meant it millions and millions of times.
How about Tibet? You know... quaint little monestaries perched with Tolkein grace on the edges of cloud kissing mountains... right?
Well sorta... but more accurately the grave site of 10 million bodies that just didn't fit in with China's version of the Total Perspective Vortex.
Heard of The Congo? Can you count to 3 million? All dead... and it's way far from over. And they cook and eat the enemies after they hack the shit out them...
At least they wont need Red Cross food shipments... I suppose.
I guess I care... I mean... I'm not being cruel... just disconnected. They are all a bunch of fucking idiots...
Half way around the world... and Franky Goes To Hollywood is doing his whole Two Tribes thing and these guys just wont quit... not in your lifetime.
Now The Bush is going to make two of histories oldest adversaries... the people who invented the "Stay Of The Grass" sign... grow a Lasting Peace.
And brightly painted monkeys are going to fly out of my butt carrying chincilla ear muffs.

// all better now.
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An action shot from a great game... Geo is really gaining confidence.
This pic was just after a big save while on a stretch as the goalie.
Colour me in with proud daddy markers.

Now... time to make coffee and see if I can get a few things done... er... a note for one of my fav cube buddies (krizsasugar-kriz!)