June 3rd, 2003


snarf monkeys ... :D

FOCUS... focus... 7:something... FOCUS... 7:55 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Yeah, well Geo got to school at 8:40 and I got to work by 9:05 so ... basically thank you internal combustion engine.
Do you get the feeling that my obituary will one day talk about the wild scene on the highway following my sudden demise?
Nahh... I'm actually a good boy on the road... ever since the, er... incident (snicker... hahaa... ok never mind)

Ok... I'm just dying ... (er... picture Jack from Will and Grace screaming how he would "just die" or was "dying" in the season ender over the blonde being with Grace's hubby boy)
Yeah... alright back to me... I'm just dying to tell you who this is... but for now... just enjoy the moment...
The following link is to a 22 k mp3 file... tres tres tres small... it's nothing. It's best enjoyed loaded alone into winamp and set to repeat and played over and over for a few minutes.
If you're not giggling after like 10 seconds... you are not human.
(right click and save... remember 22k... it'll be done before you realized it started)


~ well a big ass giggle because that sound bite came from a longer segment...
~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ beige tshirt and my new tommy (dare I say "two tone") sweater.
~ I am the warrior of BEIGE today
~ to make a big ass honk'en report to boss land about an OpenView deployment...
~ get IIS running properly on a Win 2k Server...
~ get Terminal Services running on another Win 2k Server
~ figure out SMTP on one of those Win 2k Servers...
~ spend a couple of minutes saying a silent prayer to Linus T for the simplicity of Linux and stick a pin in a picture of Bill. You know... Linus can beat Bill up..
~ to listen to another raft of Wave Station X sound files (no, the above sound bite is NOT gardengnomeNikki-Sticky-G-Girl-Garden-Bum)
~ that I had more money falling out of my pockets... I want to buy a bunch of music and it's just out of reach.
~ I had noticed, six months ago, that the I fucked up something with the bank... and now? oh now I'm about to pay a hefty price... I'm an awful dork sometimes... (and everybody who said "sometimes?" with emphasis on the question mark deserves to be bitten)
~ that my friend lindalee_ has a great day today... just 'cause. :D
~ happy coastering to ladytess
~ that I could FIND my (sniff) tassy icon... I am normally so organized about how I store image files... and I think I lost one of my fav lj user icons. !! (made for me by my pal tassy)
~ to send some comfy love'en vibes over to my friend sparklegrrl and say I'm sorry about lil Zoe... (kitten).

Birthday Moments
Hola giggly_puff I missed yer day on June 1st. Happy Birthday sugar and take care of that amazing red hair!!! (sorry... that kinda slipped out) Have a wonderful year and make memories worth keeping close to your heart for all time. :D
And yesterday!!! sweetxandxsour Happy Birthday sweets... sweet like Kandi... :D I am cherishing the moments that I get to see you in journal land... and I hope so very much that you are given all the chances to cherrish your experiences this year that you can handle. Have a great year Kandi girl.
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