June 2nd, 2003



Yes... well g'night lj.

Another weekend packed away. :)

Have I mentioned that I love our new camera lately?

... cause I do...

... a lot ... :D

~ Now I know I didn't get into the fence story today... er...well I only just realized I had meant to... so that's on deck.

~ Edward, when he falls deeply asleep, still makes a little of the tiny pucker on his lips that he made as a baby...
To lay quietly beside him... inches from his little tiny face... and remember.
It's nice.

~ Special recipe for sore neck... open small bucket of double chocolate macademia nut cookie dough and get a loaded cookie sheet in the oven. Make and pour fresh mug of good dark coffee... add cream... eat six cookies... drink coffee. This, of course, does not help the sore neck at all... but... I mean, who cares.

Time for sleep... see you tomorrow.

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Holla muchachos y muchachas... it's a bright, sunny and really wickedly beautiful day. The traffic was working together to achieve high levels of zoooom... gets the blood rushing... and the boy was a breeze to get going today. It was up at 7:something and Geo and I managed to let the rest of the house sleep while we got lunches together and ourselves fed (don't be fooled... he sits and watches TV while dad does all the messy work...) I love that he asks, all keened up, if there's time for him to hop in the picture...

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers... (I still haven't managed to go clothes shopping... it's been ... like months)
~ totally cool k.cole shirt... neat little angled zipper thing at the shoulder
~ to zing away in 10 minutes to a meeting that will toast my morning...
~ tonight? all soccer stuff is cancelled 'cause the fields are closed due to too much rain... blah!!! Open again on June 7. Fingers crossed.
~ downloading all the sound files from Nikki-Sticks (gardengnomeGardenGremlin-UberKnitt'en-MommaGnome!) recent radio fun... :D
~ birthday post and a fence story...
~ I could sneak up on ladyfire and just jump into her life to share it for a while.
~ that my little sugar indianasweetie feels better soon...
~ that my pal 52girl gets some good vibes... (snicker)
~ and a big wish for my darl'en friend pookfreak that the seminar goes well and that you feel better... not just just the sore throat sugar... but better. You deserve it.
~ that things are good with my brother-across-the-big-water... knightsdawn... be well yo.

Waiting for this weeks Amazing Race... shucks and it's only Monday... grrrrrr....

Ok...work wants some of me today... imagine that... :D

Have a wonderful day!! You deserve it...

all done.


(which, until it became some kind of common term for big ugly jewelry, would have said "bling"... because I like the word "bling" instead of "bing")

Days' done... off to find home.
Had a visit from my darl'en z this aft... she was out zooming some cast iron chairs to a shop that will sand blast them and coat them in some "powder finish" thing... they will be hanging out with out new patio table... when it arrives... blah blah blah... bottom line... I got to do some afternoon smoochen with my sugar. :D

Now it's a drive home and dinner. Alas... no soccer tonight... damn rain.

See ya later sk8ers. :D

ps. daikan is the kitty cat's meow... all warm, furry, purr'en and cute. :D