June 1st, 2003


Morn'en... :D

Hey... did you see those ducks last night... hahaha did you see the Brodeur (is that his name?) let that goal in... bwaahahahahaha... Go DUCKS!!!

Yesterday was awash with busy... (and I got to use the word wash for a reason!).
Started with a wake up from Geo at 9:00 and off to swimming lessons by 9:45 with the boys. Geo is going to get his level 4 easy beans this session... Edward? he's got a ways to go for his level 2... but he'll get there.
Saturday clean-ups and a whole lotta deck washing.
These are the "animated gifs" from last years deck washing escapade... but they pretty well sum up yesterdays efforts.
[ :: part one :: ] - [ :: and part two :: ]
Still not done... but most of the way there... burrrrr it's gonna be cold doing the rest today.

Oh and I zinged over to future shop and bought a new 128 meg cf card for the camera... hmmmm...
We had a huge and way way yummi rainbow trout dinner (spicy is best) and after the boys went to sleep we watched Star Trek Nemisis...

It got very rainy yesterday and very chilli... And today? Today is all about freezing cold and sunny. bah... I want summer! It's June 1st dammit!

~ my gap hoodie and sweat pants... warm, fuzzy, comfy sox and slippers.
~ to return Star Trek Nemisis and maybe, finally give up on Star Trek being good. Not remarkably impressed... but maybe the bar is just too high these days.
~ NOTHING ELSE.. no planning... not today... a nice day to have ... well, no plans.
~ I didn't have this latent headache... seems to sneak up on me. I shall fight it off with a long hot steamy shower. :)
~ I had a firewire port on the side of my head... I've gone back to 170 entries in my friends pages and that takes me to yesterday at about 1:00pm. too much information to assimilate. You know... as much as I'm a good boy and put in serious slave time on Saturdays... I very much miss just popping into lj with the odd "weekend update" type entry. The work week is all about positive vibes and work stuff... evening joking and morning thinking... but the weekends are when all the life stuff happens. The stuff I actually want to remember by journaling about it. I'm not in love with computer free saturdays.

Ok... time to shower. See ya soon. :D
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Question: Do you NOT see any of the graphics I post in my journal?

please let me know if you don't by replying to this post... I'm sorting out some firewall things and need to understand why specific ranges work or don't work...

Thanks in advance.

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This has a been a day of mournful sighs and goofy facial expressions every time something to the right of me catches my attention.
I am paying a nasty price for spending a night sleeping in the caress of a cool open windows breeze.

If, perhaps, anyone comes across a remarkably good deal on spare right shoulders... do let me know.
In the mean time... alternating hot and cold compresses and much stretching will continue.

In a word... Gah!