May 30th, 2003


It's Kity Kity Day... :D

Welcome to Kity Kity Day.

Do you know Susan? I met kitykity when she was burbonstreet
in the days of "the first few lj friends" three years ago... At that time she was a little
angsty about how she looked... how having babies had affected her bod...
how her work was eating her up. In the time that I have known her she has relocated
herself and her - to my mind, exceptional husband and family - across the US to
Texas... go figure... y'all end up in Texas it seems... changed jobs and, from
photographic evidence, she has been abducted by aliens and replaced by a
pod-girl super vixen... and everybody knows that a "vixen" is a female fox.
No seriously... she has achieved so many emotional and physical goals
that I hope she writes a book one day.

Meet kitykity

... and tell me she doesn't have that "I could actually be a secret agent and
know how to kill in twelve languages" stare down pat! :D

There are enough reasons for me to think the world of Susan to fill an olympic pool...
and I thought I'd just share that... so there. nah!
oh, and in celebration of today being KityKity day... I've arranged for Sting to release a new album.

~ gray ftls
~ fresh from the dryer blue jeans... [ :: yessiree and they're comfy :: ]
~ dk blue long sleeve p-z shirt
~ a friday smile like you can't believe. :D
~ weekly project report
~ update corp resume for a couple of proposals they're shopping me out on
~ more paperwork... you know ... become a geek and do paperwork for the rest of you life...
~ to talk to a man about a horse
~ get back to work on my moms web site.
~ that my lil'gina friend is doing ok after her surgery yesterday...
~ breekola's eye would get the heck off it's ass and stop being so damn lazy... snicker..
~ that I get a chance to talk to sassylass! :)
~ and that girleegrrl's surgery goes well...
~ my sweet, and extreamly preggers, friend amyaustin beats the heat today...
~ to send some good love'en, friendly sorta, always wishing for happiness vibes over to princessblondie... just 'cause.
~ that one of my fav cube buddies, krizsa is having a bang on time on the coast.
~ and a special wish for occipitaldruid... basking in the presence sounds like a really great thing sugar... go you!

Quick Birthday Mode
Happy Birthday foxyoreo... I hope you find the things you are looking for this year lil'sugar. And take your time... you have all the time in the world.

Happy Birthday ajose... my brother across the ocean... in far away and very sunny Portugal. May this year find you basking in the pleasures of parenthood and ongoing success. It remains a real pleasure to have the chance to share our worlds in this place.

Happy Birthday roccoprincess... I hope things are good for you sugar.

HEY!!! Happy Wedding Day out to laekia!!!!
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3com Web Cam


A week ago... someone posted a link to a site that was promoting their Windows XP ready driver for the regular 3Com Home Connect web cam...
the cam that uses the Vicam chip...

The vicam web site has [ :: XP drivers here :: ]...
but I thought there was another driver someone was talking about???

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// rant time

Recently inspire by something...

Do you ever look at public policy (government stuff) and wonder why they don't just accept the fact that the end result is inescapable so why fight it?

For me the big thing lately is same sex marriages.

I understand that there are groups very much opposed to this... for whatever reasons.
There are also groups opposed to abortion, alcohol, pot, guns, war, taxes, medicare, black people, and girls in pants.

There's a group somewhere opposed to everything.

Groups or no groups... why is the issue of same sex marriages still not over.

Everybody knows that in the end, when everyone has had their chance to piss and whine... The courts and the governement will endorse the notion of same sex marriages and extend all the financial and legal benefits of typical male/female unions to them.

It's almost like a parable waiting to be coined. That's a same-sex-marriage issue ~ meaning something that we will watch governments spend as much talking about as they will ever spend simply endorsing...

Personal take on the issue: if you are against same sex marriages... then don't marry someone of the same sex. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and stop ignoring that this is not about procration, sexuality or religion. It's about humanity and money. Just because you're not gay, do you think you have the right to tell gay couples they can't be in love... can't care for one another... screw you and the hormone you rode in on.

//ok rant over.
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A giggle...

This has been dancing on my finger tips for at least a week...
I read something that reminded me of a story about an appearance
on the old Johnny Carson show, which is now, of course, The Tonight Show.
Well, actually it was the The Tonight Show then...
but people just called... oh never mind.

The point is.... wait. Um... by "reminded" I mean I read an article
that basically told the whole story so the suggestion of being reminded
needs to be literally associated... because I actually remember
this guest appearing on The Johnny Carson Show (er... the tonight show).

Older lady appears as guest in the "Interesting people" category.
She collects potato chips... not just any potato chips, but chips that are
flukishly shaped like famous people, monuments, etc...
Her bit includes pulling out a tray of these chips and showing them one
after another to the "zoom in" camera... you know, the one they show "headlines" with ...
The chips are not fixed to anything...
she's showing them to Johnny and the camera one after another
telling her hokey little stories that go along with each.

She has to look away for some reason...
Johnny sneaks a handful of potato chips from under his desk
As she turns back... he's stuffing them into his mouth.

Imagine the lawsuits today...
Of course, at the time, there was unending and tear streaked laughter.