May 28th, 2003



Time for bed.

My heart is thinking about a sweet friend in Burbank...

Night night lj.

oh, and here's a couple of pictures... from a while ago;

From La Nubia (Cirque de Solie in Disney Fla.)

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"pssst. Andy... wake up... it's 8:30."
"hmm... yeah... oh! what day is it?
"It's wednesday."
"and it's 8:30?"
"you sure?"
"rats... "

Me and all the linen dents in my face used from 8:34 to 8:51 to end up pulling out of the laneway with Geo in the seat beside me, having showered, shaved, dressed, made coffee and snapped (see above picture at 8:49). Yikes.

I'm still very much swimming Matrix related head fuck stuff through all my synapses trying to resolve the matrix in a matrix thing and searching my memory for the moments when choices could have be used to mask shifts in the matrix "reality". How fun is that? oh geez I really enjoyed that movie. I can imagine that there are people for whom this sort of thing does absolutely nothing... but there are people who don't enjoy good sex too so I've long since given up on trying to understand everybody. In the car, after the movie, z stares out the front window and comments "I totally enjoyed every minute of that..." Dude... I love that she loves stuff like this.

Taped "Dog Eat Dog" last night... I'm guessing I'll be watching that tonight. :D

~ a few slow-to-fade linen dents
~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ the "jet black" t shirt and a collared silk shirt.
~ team meeting first thing... ok, that's all done now.
~ RFP review next
~ a bunch of work on the SOR project
~ some schwarma (sp?) ...
~ buy more crack... need fresh crack in the office.
~ a RFP meeting from like 1:00 - 3:00 and another project meeting from 3:00 - 5:00... Geez...enough of this work already. :D
~ I could get lj to let me comment...
~ hell, I could get lj ot actually load a page ... pah!
~ that my pal mandelion, who has been such a wonderful friend... has a little angel to sit on her shoulder... and that she is ok today.
~ I could rush over to dear sweet katie8471 and just hold her hand for a while. I understand sugar... I do.

Ok... so LJ is still blowing... and now? now MSN wont load hotmail... so I'm pretty well SOL... ah well.. it's a good day for this.. i'm so busy it's stupid.
ps. I know I'm behind in birthdays... if I could get lj to load... I'd even figure out who I'm behind with... bad lj... bad! (spank's lj till lj cries and promises to be good).