May 27th, 2003


bah ... humbug

y quiero pensar... y puedo pensar
it's just that sometimes I get sad.

spin spin spin spin spin spin

yeah... I'm getting there. :D

~ black ftls
~ deep gray w/ a bluish hue (man I get caught up in trying to describe these stupid gray pants) dress pants
~ dk blue t and a txt v-neck sweater... it's chilli in the office... er.. .ok, it's chilly in my office as in cold... versus swimming in kidney beans.
~ a trip down the time-sheet torture run... actually not so terrible with this companies groovy on-line time sheet system and my uber billableness.
~ to listen to several mp3 files of the Incomperable GardenBum, Nikki-Tastic on her recent Radio shot. :D
~ to carry a bit of a snip around in my attitude for the day... can't shake it and it's a pisser but that's life ... for now.
~ tonight? all I need is child care and I'm going to the matrix...
~ to thank the heavens that mandelion's cousin is safe and at home... I don't have the full story yet... thanks to LJ being a dick... but all that matters is that she is safe.
~ that my pal, jesthestar keeps the blonde locks for a while...
~ that the current captain of Team Time Bomb (vecro_girl) is doing well... she's due to be having her baby... well... soon. :D
~ for a peaceful heart to comfort a very good and very dear friend... sweet ladyfire is always close to my thoughts.
~ to send a little more "go you on day two" vibe over to chandos.
~ I could give my friend canuckgirl a little hug today... do not despare sweets... the road stretches to a new horizon.
~ that amyaustin would press into an mp3 file a few minutes of her and her radio buddies doing their thing so I could download it and her her radio diva voice.

So today the Canadian Government is going to table legislation that will finally... maybe... pay a little more attention to the 1960's Ladaine Report. I have the hope that when I go to bed tonight, it will be in a country that has stopped making criminals out of people found to be in possession of less than 30 grams of pot. This is a decriminalization effort... not a legalization thing... so people will get fines etc. It's a complex piece of legislation with new and sharper teeth in some areas - which is a blatant suck up to the total freak-show of legislators that run the US drug policies - but takes away the prospect of a criminal record for a person caught enjoying a little bit of a toke. This is a good thing... and by the way brings our legal stance on the subject into line with the status of the laws in several (12 actually) US states. Of course, the US papers will basically call Canada the next Columbia over this... but since when has the United States Of America paid any attention to the ways things are in their own back yard when they can come to someone elses and piss and moan?

ps. so LJ is down? It's down for me... or has been since like 9:30 ish... I hope it comes back today.
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Team Time Bomb Announcement.

Team Time Bomb Announcement

velcro_girl (Jess) has had her little baby...

A little 7 pound 9 ounce nugget named Michael Clayton was born last night around 9:00.
Why do people actually care how long new babys are? (he was 18 1/2 inches)
When I get a picture... I'll post it. :D

Mom is apparently doing fine and will be home on Thursday... :D

Congratulations Jess and welcome to planet earth Michael.

(ps. and thanks sugar-tex, txgirlie, for the update)

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conversation just ended with;

"Women can screw around with clothing decisions for a lifetime...
but in the end...
skin tight black pvc works for almost every occasion...
well, for me at least."


Dear Lj... please rush over to the nearest maximum security prison, yank down your pants and tell the boys on death row to "have at me".

Dear codemakers... gonna figure this out soon?

Dear corto... stop bitching at lj... the codemakers volunteer their services...

Dear conscience... shut the fuck up... I wanna bitch and that's that.


ps. I really should think about decaffeinated coffee...

pps. bwaaahahahahahahahaha!!!!