May 26th, 2003


Happy Memorial Day... to my US friends...

G'morning LJ.

Last night was a night all about slicing and dicing fingers on the insides of computers.
Z spent the eve over at her moms... I did the dad thing with the boys and ended up
taking computers apart to a) deal with my once-again fucking up computer
and b) add one of thos really cool card readers to z's computer.

Oh, I managed to get some soccer pictures together... but my ISP had a heart attack last night
so we were off line till the wee hours... I think I'll post 'em here. :D

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ beige T and a new (thank you z) tommy sweater.
~ to clone myself to start another project at work... lets see... step into the chamber.. push the big button labelled "duplicate self".
~ visit Z's client at lunch to deliver her final product... and an invoice...
~ put the heat on re: going to The Matrix. (now that the contract is done)
~ That today's line-up at C.I. goes well for a long time friend, (lizvang)... Sing yer heart out sugar!!! I wanna see you on TV. :D
~ that my Sandra Bullock wannabe friend gottabecrazy stops trying to make "SPEED 3"... (snicker)
~ to send a little "go you" over to chandos...
~ for something settled to climb up onto alcestis's shoulder and take care of her 'till she's home.
~ that I'll get to see a picture or two of my sweet-like-sugar pookfreak on a new motorcycle soon... :) (you'll have to start your own SC project)
~ for something close to clear swirls away the mist for my friend abbybaby

It's been way too long since the last time I mentioned that kitiara is the complete and total shit! There is only one... and you are it Stacy...
You are just amazing.


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There are times when everything else in the world slips comfortably into the backseat of your life.
They have to ... to make room for the almost unimaginable joy that is busy nuzzeling up beside you.
This picture is a picture of one of those moments for me.

Edward, not often in pictures here... due to his incredible disdain for anything related to cameras... was the star yesterday.
He had his first soccer practice and game... The wind blew... tears came to visit, but left again... and rain threatened.
In the end... a little soccer hero danced his way to the car talking about next weekends game. :)

[ :: click the pic for the full version :: ]

The team in a serious moment with the coach... gotta love the foot on the ball.

The kids all wear these uber cute purple jerseys' sponsored by Tim Hortons... and they say "TimBits" on the back (cute!!!!!).
But if they roll up the (rim) front of thier jersey, it has "I just played soccer and I'm thirsty" printed inside... If the kids show
that to the person behind the counter at a Tim Hortons... they get a small pop and a tim bit. :D How freaking cute is that???

wrapped and slapped... and just about done with it. :D

yeah... so LJ is running like ass again... I can't even load up the birthday page. bah!

Today has simply FLOWN past... I'm betting this week will just zzzzzing. :)

It's been rainy and icky in the extreme all day... and, of course, I'll be standing in the rain for an hour and half tonight while Geo has a soccer practice.
Joy Joy Happy Happy. :D

I suspect that I will be fixing by BIL's computer tonight... which could translate into my BILs family watching the kids tomorrow early evening... and maybe... just freaking maybe... Z and I going to the matrix finally. I give you permission to slap me around next time we get together if I don't see the Matrix this week... although... I'd prol'y get a kick out of the slapping around part so whatever works for ya.

Ok... enough about you... back to me! (LOL) I'm gonna go... close my computers... grab my coat and start driving through the splash zone.

ps. I love my new camera... Looking like I need to do a new ADIML ... :D

pps. simplyred?? sugar... you ok?
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drip drip drip

... and when the coach shows up 20 minutes late to address the assembled wet parents with a "we had to cancel tonights practice"... there is a surprising good humour from the wet ones. Why ... because we're good people. We show up in the rain. :D

Apparently there is no such thing... short of lightening... as a cancelled game. Practices are another story.


Do you know mandelion??
This is one of those times when I look at my friends list and think there is a real value in this kind of contact.

Edit Tuesday May 27: Taryne was found alive and well this morning...

:: Please read ::

Her 16 year old cousin is missing. The amber alert is in effect and the FBI is now involved.
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