May 25th, 2003


Sunday? ug...

I'm feeling a wee bit like A TRUCK ROLLED OVER ME... but that will pass.
Sorta like the bed head... a shower usually helps. :D

Toronto's mayor... is a dick. (and he's short like all get out... so he's a little dick) I mean really... and I'm so remarkably sick of politicians filling up their time slots with crap about the economic impact of health concerns... Maybe (you dick) you could spend a few minutes considering the actual health impact of a health concern and stop pissing about a lack of visitors to the fucking CN tower.

~ wake up sweats with a hoodie
~ a stiff neck... grrr...
~ um... well, it's not pouring freaking unending apocolyptic style rain ... as it was all day and night yesterday.
~ so maybe more garden work... I actually waddled (like a duck) through the rain yesterday to dig a trench, buy stones, and build a retaining wall on a back garden... mostly because it kinda earned serious brownie points with the boss zebra sugar.
~ cleaning... serious cleaning must ensue today!!
~ and ... I'm still jonsing after the Matrix thing... pray with me...
~ for a freaking miracle... or something like it... because that's what my friend mandelion needs... I am, as always, hoping for sweet relief to find you sugar.
~ to send a little hey... and big HI out to a very precious friend, fireflieslie and hope that the three days pass quick and I get to read about smiles...
~ oh... and a smile and a giggle over to abbybaby... just 'cause. :D
~ um... to just take a second and say easilydistractd is really wickedly good looking... it's such a huge treat to see pics of friends in their journals.
~ I had plenty more time to read lj this morning... but kiddos are calling for some daddy action.
~ there is a vast number of lesbians on my friends page... why does this make me so happy?
~ I feel like I'm forgetting something...

We had our "every couple of months" get together with friends last night... this rotation was at Jay's house. It's funny but over the many many years that we three couples have taken the time to get together the ebb and flow of the inter-relationships there have really gone haywire... I swear a couple of the people there are about ready to chop one anothers heads off... oh well... I took some pics with the new cam... I'll play with those later. :) I'd say a lot more about last night... but not in an open post... In the end, we got to my parents house at like 1:30 to pic the kids up and home by 2:00 and z was asleep by ... well, 2:01.

Oh... and Edward is going to a birthday party today... I need to zing off and get a b-day prezzi for him to give his little friend. :D