May 23rd, 2003



(mr. scowlee pants... :D)

Friday? friday already? And me without a monster pile of work on my desk... how the hell did that happen? :D

The day started like any other day... z and I zooooming around trying to Geo on his buss* and me out the door. Geo has so many little moments of anguish over clothing ... Today was something about not wearing a warm jacket over his Gap Hoodie... Notice his scowl in the picture... :D s'ok though... he's still at an age where he has smoochies for his daddy before he leaves the house. I'm gonna miss that when he crosses that line. I'm hoping I can fight it for a while yet. :D Note: regardless of the mayham that we cause in the house on a school day... Edward still manages to snooze through it all like a moring-after-drunken-sailor. He's (just a btw thing) so unbelievably angel like when he's asleep... his little face just makes my heart wanna burst. :D

~ black ftls...
~ blue jeans... [ :: um... yeah, this again... :: ]
~ long sleeve p-z blue shirt.
~ on squeezing my sugar to go to the Matrix this weekend... tonight? gahhh me = going crazy.
~ to finish the work week on a calm note... a busy day but not my seemingly standard crazy-busy friday... :D Yeah!
~ a sweet friend that is just finding out about being preggers holds onto good news and gets to share it soon. :D
~ that Team Time Bomb's current on-deck pinch hitter velcro_girl has a good weekend... tick tick tick...
~ to know... is breekola a bad girl? We have vays of dealing zee bad gurls!
~ to point out that bondas is full of surprises...
~ that a sweet girl way way out west has a fruitful weekend... take care sassylass
~ that my sweet friend stephiechai manages to survive the day... the week-end is here sugar... hold your breath... you'll make it.
~ for the stars to bend the universe and let me meet spaimy...

Happy Birthday twilightsm
~ I hope you have a wonderful year sugar... you've brought me so many smiles... not the least of which I get every time I look at those ad-projects... May you find all of your yesterday's bringing you smiles.

I was just commenting to a friend about how amazing it is that a song can drag you back to memories that would otherwise be locked up in the almost-forgotten box. Gimmi Shelter (and Sympathy For The Devil) rocket me back to wearing a giant wanna-be walkman like tape player flying down 8:00 am fresh groomed hills at Snowmass in Aspen when I was ... like 14... dude! that's 27 years ago... gah... man... ok, side note... I will not feel old for a few more years. :D

Ok... off to get some stuff done... more later... guaranteed... :D

* I know I know... but you said you liked it. :D
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Z was peeling back layers of info the other day on the net and came across an interesting factoid...

I'm all about singing the virtues of the Atkins Aikins? whatever diet... having seen some really impressive results in friends. Obviously one diet is not the right diet for everyone but now we're seeing the television news... the last bastien of truth in our media centric world... joining the Atkins chorus with Dr. So-and-So talking about how the med community is seeing big value in the low carb diets.

Ok... so dive into the National Food Guide... you know... the document that tells you what the government thinks is the proper food intake... things like "4 services of dairy" or "5 servings of fruit" etc. Yeah... that document that goes on to say "11 servings of cerial, grain, bread per day" or whatever....

Follow the money... The national food guide is produced by the National Wheat Board. Go Figure.

geee... big surprise it's taken years for the docs to climb on board with low carb diets.


Hockey... big freaking game tonight... Game 7. Winner goes on to shoot ducks for the cup.

Question? Do we try to go see the matrix right after dinner... and miss most of the game?
Answer: If my folks will watch the kids... fuck yeah! No question.

Today has been a slice...
beautiful weather...
amazing friends...
pretty groovy co-workers...
and small successes everytime I turn around.

I think I'll go home and see what's up with the family...
and I'll try not to chant Matrix under my breath the whole time.
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