May 22nd, 2003


morn'en lj.

It's another sunny, beautiful and slightly chill day. They keep talking about "rain in the evenings" but I don't notice that ... it's these sunny days that are bringing out all the happy vibes. :D Geo... in that picture... he's all shivery cold. I love it when he snuggles in to warm up with me. :D :D :D

Radio on the way to work was a couple of "morning show" hosts talking to the girl that didn't win from The Bachelor ... the girl that did the foot fetish videos... I remember her being portrayed as a ... well, not great. I remember not watching The Bachelor because the show stunk so bad, but still I remember her. I remember thinking "her? what's wrong with her?". She came across really well on the interview today... I was very impressed. Of course... all that and I still have no idea what her name is... then again, I'm old and my memory is failing. :D hahahaa...

Hey... The Amazing Race starts on TV in 7 days...

~ a grin that stretches from my toes to my nose. which, on closer inspection, sounds really kinda gross... so just think "big smile" instead.
~ dk blue dockers
~ "jet black"* t-shirt and a silk longsleeve.
~ thursday night? I think I will go to a camera store after dinner...
~ to STOP getting caught chair dancing... it's this head bobbing, walk-like-an-egyptian thing and it's really kinda embarassing... ok... it's not... but ... whatever.
~ to STOP purring... but that's gonna be hard... and it's all amyaustin's fault
~ on finishing a series of reports that my boss is being wicked nice about not killing me for not having done yet...
~ that my sweet z... babyfatz... has a great day today... she's been working like a banshee on her project and sugar needs a break! But I know she'll have none of that till she's done.
~ for a brilliant sun keeps rising and setting on a house of outragious love in Mexico. colour me grateful to know that darl'en ly is having a wonderful experience with her new little teeny baby. :)
~ you knew frozenone. His is a journal I am always pleased to have pop up on the friends page.
~ I could get away with just sitting here and typing about how great you guys are... I know it'd be marginally received 'cause I sling a lot of sugar... that's just my way I guess... the thing is... there are some people that never stop surprising me by just being the amazing people they are.
~ on that note... blonnie is a never ending source of wow. Everything from the ddg girl, to the insightful way she deals with the world around her... she makes me feel grateful all over again for LJ.

A quick Happy Birthday out to a few friends...
A few days late (18th), but a big Happy Birthday to sassylass... I hope this year gives you the posture to take control of what makes you happy.
Happy Birthday wallacebear a little less late (20th) Have a wonderful year sugar-bear... you have brought me many smiles and I can only wish for the you to get them back ten fold.
Hey Starla!! Happy Birthday - only a wee bit late (21) starliteangel1. May your wishes turn to thanks and may your heart turn to melting butter.
Happy Birthday frizzed (and not late even a bit!) :D A Johannesburg angel, I hope that you have a wonderful year sugar and may you make memories worth keeping forever.

* yeah, I know... but I like saying "jet black" ... it sounds all cool 'n stuff.
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and a short break from actual work.

Several Small Rants

you know...
i think if I was Natalie Maines, and wasn't too busy playing with myself...
hence had time to be on stage trying to give a performance...
and the audience was boo'ing me and insulting me and shit...
not letting go of that "insulting the president" crap...
I'd be really tempted to give the boo'ing audience a big ol finger and tell 'em to go to hell.
That dixie girl did squat compared to what all the other radically outspoken hollywood types have said, done, etc. regarding the choices of the pres let alone the war.
Yet people can't let go of the Natalie Maines thing.
She's made several well considered statements on the topic...
leave off already. sheesh.

why do religions still attract otherwise intelligent, educated people?
It's like a scientist espousing the belief in creationism... wtf?
I mean, forget the very good arguments about Unitarianism, and the strength-of-community aspect.
I'm talking good ol'fashion dyed in the wool fire and brimstone Catholicism... and all the other christian offshoots.

guns don't kill people.
people kill people...
especially people with a fully automatic, 500 rounds per minute Sturmgewehr 44


So..... I'm just a wee bit excited about this...

[ :: NEW CAMERA :: ]

( it's a pentax Optio 33L)

*** BUT ***

When I got home from work today... there was a surprise...

And when you get right down to it... it's the best kind of surprise... A sweet friend of mine from lj (pookfreak) has sent a package of little somethings for the boys. We were all quite excited about opening it. The contents? A selection of Nak Nak's ... and they are the sort that we have not yet had available to us in Canada... (as far as I can tell). The kids are agog!!!

Thank you Jeanie