May 21st, 2003


Holla muchachos (et muchachas)

Only in Ontario... the provincial police, working with local cops, set up a hard core RIDE program for the this past weekend... you know... snagging the drunk drivers... and a topless woman is observed as a passenger. Seeing as that's perfectly legal in Ontario... the only thing that happens is they "recommend" she cover up so as not to distract other drivers. Of course, one wonders if they were being distracted themselves from an 80 kg load of cocain in the back seat and a couple of bodies in the trunk "Hey Molly... take yer top off quick... it's a road block...and we don't want any trouble."

It's an amazatron day... a little chilly but really very beautiful. Summer is here... I can feel it.

I rooommmazooooomzoooomed into work ... to make it to a team meeting... made it to work on time... but still managed to be three minutes late for the meeting... Meeting was 5 minutes long... I missed most of it. Cool.

~ black ftls
~ dk green dress pants
~ nice and light collarless button up shirt... (to combat the heat at my desk)
~ still slogging away at the spreadsheet report thing... geek paperwork...
~ to enjoy music
~ on getting to a post office
~ have you noticed how hot looking stephaniekaye is? pretty cool huh...
~ that I knew how to ask a relatively new but exceptionally precious friend about something in her past... but I'm afraid to drag up something so bad.
~ that another friend doesn't make a mistake in trusing lj too much.
~ for great success to keep dogging my pal kaylee in her gym-ee-ness... go go rocket girl.
~ to point out that pixiecup is a) outragiously gorgeous b) the mother of adorable boys, and c) is a pretty amazing example of what it sometimes takes to make a family out of a house full of people. You rock Jess.
~ to send a little heart beat over to my friend txgirlie on this uncomfortable anniversary... may your friends spirit bring happiness to all who knew her.
~ people that say "I'm not into drama" would let someone wrap their dumb-as-a-post heads with duct tape so they could, maybe stop being so damn dramatic.

I think dawna is some pretty sweet girl material... just say'en.

(trogdor lives!!)

One wonders... in the land of American Idol... what revelation The Smoking Gun will come up with the day after the new Idol slips his crown over his little white head... er... did I say white?

I think I need to get suzanne and I enrolled in some ballroom dancing classes... actually... tango...

ok I'll shut up now... see ya.
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hmm... my server died a mysterious death... one wonders what the logs will tell me when I get home.

edit: hmmm seems my neighborhood is without power... which would, resonably account for the server being down... ar ar ar... :D