May 19th, 2003



So we watched an episode of bewitched at about midnight... then I watched all of Matrix (the first one) while a zebra-with-a-stiff-ouchi-stiff-neck slept across me on the sofa. I remember the first time I saw the scene of Neo waking up in the pod... and just being on the edge of my seat freaked. :) Maybe I'm easily amused... but stuff like that just waggles my enjoyment buttons. :D

It's a be-yout-iful day out there... a perfect day for more gardening... and less computing.

~ big ol'happy smile!! :D
~ gray ftls
~ kahki shorts
~ beige t-shirt
~ to finish this post...
~ work on another one... but not till this 'saft. :D
~ hit a garden center and buy a bottle of LIQUID WEED DEATH
~ shop future shop for a bit... getting way close to buying that new camera
~ visit BIL's house to do a little "hey, where's my sound card driver" solv'en.
~ IT'S SOCCER DAY - the first practice for Geo's first summer of soccer is today... he's almost as excited as us.
~ to send a big huge ginormous "HIYA" out to a sweet friend... pigri and thank her for typing out "elljay"... first time I've mentally processed that notion. :D
~ I get to write up a couple of b-day wishes that are burning holes in my pockets as I type...
~ that I get to express how surprisingly pleasant our visit with canuckgirl was... she's really a wonderful young woman.
~ to thank my pal arlyn for posting that pic of her and the little Con-man. An adorable picture... I love to see pics of my lj friends. :D
~ you could reach out a hand that I could touch... oh wait... you do... Thank you. :D
~ to point out that I'm pleased as punch to back in the friend saddle with trying... she's a really very sweet woman.

Have a great day today... and if you're at work... er... you really should have called in sick. :)
I think I may just implode if I have to wait another week to see Matrix Re...

Smoooch! Talk to you soooon.

LJ Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday a bit late Kimberly!!

Ok... so I'm almost always late... but this has been a busy weekend! :D

It's kimberly27616Kimberly90210's birthday!! (or was a couple of days ago...)
(and yes... that should be 27616)

We had the extreme pleasure of playing host and hostess to Kimish and her Sugar Daddy (Keith) last year around christmas... an event I remember every time I stick a tape in our VCR (completely other story!!).

Kim! I hope you have a year ahead that brings our worlds a little closer and your own world into better focus. I know how hard you work to make your future from the complicated stories of your past and I also know that you, of all people, will make great gains in that regard. You are, by any definition, a wonderful woman and a grand friend... and my wishes tend towards sugar in your life almost every day. :D

Have a great 25th year... (giggle) and may happiness live in your heart.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Kimbers... Happy Birthday to you!! :D