May 18th, 2003



That's canuckgirl !!!

We're having a great weekend. Yesterday was all about yard stuff with a visit to the tulip festival...
and a wicked great dinner... ribs and all the good things that go along with it.
luker and reens came over with Dannie boy and we all had a grand time! :D
[ :: reens posted some pictures! :: ]
(go look... is Z a fox or what... :D)

Overheard at dinner:
Suzanne to Luker: "can you help Andy carry my chest?"
Luker to Suzanne: "Oh yeah!"

Today is gonna be yard work day... and keeping the troops entertained day (troops = kids!).
Cathy is off later today, so we've a trip to the airport planned. :D

~ oh wake up sweats and a layer of something evil over my eyelids... I need to shave my tongue.
~ shower and shave that tongue
~ enjoy a beautiful day outside...
~ tonight? Z is still working hard on her contract so I'll be trying to be helpfull with that tonight...
~ the matrix will have to wait till next weekend (ahhhhhhhhh!) :D
~ you get to know what a really nice woman this cathy is! :D
~ there was a new Alias... but I know I'll have to forever!! for the new season to start.
~ my friend kimberly27616kimberly90210 was a wee bit less invisible.
~ that I was asleep... no really... me = soooo tired. :O (<- that's me yawning...)
~ for some good health vibes to find their way to my delicious friend way down under, notcharming... get well soon sugar-C.

ps debby??? Jarod will sit up... he's just taking his time...

Ok... shower time. :D