May 16th, 2003



Happy freak'en friday man!
I got two feet (just like yesterday) except today there are industrial strength springs attached to each toe...
Happy feet extending into happy corto. It's beautiful outside... inside... all over my little corner of the universe*.
I feel like there's a little electrical spark zoooooooming around in my veins... and NO I haven't been hitting the crack yet...

If there was a way to reach out to you and poke a finger into your shoulder to give you a little of this vibe... you gotta know I would.
We should be this happy together... it's a feeling best shared among friends.

~ green haines bbs
~ blue jeans... [ :: as friday's other picture will prove :: ]
~ a p-z t-shirt and GAP goodness with a hood.
~ well.. planning on slamming away on a report that needs finishing before the end of the day...
~ to sit back and read about catherine's courtship... today is her 3 yr anni... (she's so damn precious... you know... :D)
~ some grocery shopping after work... a little baking thing tonight...
~ driving to the airport to collect me a little bit of Cathy.
~ oh, and to radiate this vibe I got go'en on at every chance I can. ;)
~ that Holly Jones's killer is caught by an angry mob and riped to shreds... slowly. fucker. dirty pathetic fucker... may eternity line up tortures unimaged for your damned soul.
~ to point you to kaylee's Journal... she has some fabo pictures from the Lunar Eclipse last night... we were all about cloud cover last night (snif) but November is coming... :)
~ for some good news to find it's way back to my treasured friend cherripop212 about the whole Dad zone. (hand holding time... hug)
~ that my friend shann gets her "you can't touch me" attitude on ... 'cause I don't want to miss her... and I would. damn.
~ that a boy named David is fine... that way my sugar indianasweetie will be happy ... and a happy angi-baby makes me happy too.
~ to do a little VH5 (Virtual High Five) thing with ma girl giggly_girl for the missing 7... go go sugar-giggles. (hmmm I like the nic sugar-giggles....)
~ a lifetime worth of wishes out to a sweet woman that deserves some good karma... you are in my thoughts mscantbwrong
~ that my vb (virtual brother) aristophren gets some of her back in his life...

Co-worker dudes went to Matrix Re yesterday... I heard some of the wannabe's yapping on the radio slagging away at the movie this morning... and I totally don't care what they say. Walking into work with co-worker dude... and he turns to me...(he's an imposing figure of a guy) and say's "The Matrix.... GO!" .... I could the full weight of his enjoyment and I know what he's into... there is no better endorsement. I'm about ready to explode with the desire to see the flick. AHH! :D

Hey I left my MSN on at work yesterday... I thought it was in the "appear offline" zone but I came in today to a bunch of "hi..." stuff... sorry about that guys... I wasn't ignoring ya... just didn't see it. :D

Okidoki... off to work... Have a great friday muchachos et muchachas... and play nice. It's more fun that way.

[ :: just some random pic I saved from the cam :: ]
(I like overexposed images...)

* did you see that? I'm pretty self centered... even when I toss around in the total perspective vortex and make references to my space in the universe... I give myself a corner office. :D
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Lj birthday baby.

Happy Birthday Nic Baby...

Today is galebird's birthday... she's 25!!

Nic earned herself a special place in my heart by being a practical and reasonable voice during a time of great madness in my universe. I mean, I've known and cared about her for a long time... and for loads of good reasons... but that's not going to stop me from appreciating her contribution to being such a big help (I'm talking about the concord thing here... and her tact... grace and concern in that time - if you don't know what this is refering to... hmm... well someday I'll explain. :D)

In the time I have known her she has gone from a girl under the oppressive thumb of a family that seemed right out of a Edgar Alen Poe short story... to a woman in the big world making her way with love and grace.

I hope with all of my heart that this next year presents sweet Nic with ever greater love and more freaking MONEY... :D

Happy Birthday sweet-nic... and take care...


fricken weed magic... pick a spot... pull all the weeds... walk to the garage... walk back... more weeds magically appear. wft?


Off to get groceries... and plan a weekend of entertaining a journal buddy... canuckgirl is a few short hours away.
Tomorrow? luker and reens ... their little baby Dan... The National Capital Tulip Festival? Big BBQ dinner...
Oh this is gonna be grand.

ps. remember that happy goofy vibe I was in this morning... I still have it... Man, I am digging this. :D

See ya
Oops... I mean...

I'll holla backatcha tonight. Peace