May 15th, 2003


Morning... :D

Man... just wondering... but is my server (the source for this picture) delivering the picture extra slow lately? I need to work on that server.
It's uber slow at work but that could be my work firewall...

My home pc (not the server) has been so badly fucked for almost two weeks now...
I had a fight with the computer store yesterday
and ended up losing badly ... (bastards)
and last night I was stripping the system and trying to reinstall everything again.
(Hence no lj ... etc.)
Today? It's back in the shop and a new mb or processor comes home after work... either way... I go to sleep tonight with a working computer of die trying. gah!
(I mean, you have to understand... I have a serious obsession with my computer... - big surprise huh)

West Wing!!! When he said "Molly"... he had me. I was just glued to that show last night... I was really hoping to see the Prez talk to Prince DickSmack but I guess that would be asking too much. :D But John Goodman... oh man...

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk gray t and a silk shirt (kind blue but mostly gray).
~ a smile...
~ to be dragged away to a meeting in about 5 minutes....
~ spend afternoon trying to reformat a tonne of documentation about a project... gah!
~ Friends season finale tonight... :D (and I still hate Ross)
~ I had time to catch up... maybe I can scroll back a little later... hmmm...
~ that I get to write something for Debby... I'll try after the meeting.. :D

Happy Birthday ashie... a brand new friend... and I hope a long time friend... May this year bring you great friendships, emotional surprises and a heart full of love lil'Ashie girl... Happy Birthday sugar-ash.

Happy Birthday laciann!!! A friend for litereally years now... and mine is the joy at my good fortune. Happy Birthday sweetheart... I hope you have a great year and that hubby stays well (and doesn't lift anything terrifically heavy!). May you find the chance to experience something new... something heartwarming... and something exciting as the year ticks by. I hope we are able to stay in touch as the next year passes between us. :D


Ok... I've plenty of words burning holes in my fingers... but I've got to go to a meeting... see you soon.
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