May 14th, 2003



It's a bit sad... actually. I've added maybe 30 people to my friends list since all this started a few years ago... the rest just kinda showed up. Don't get me wrong... I love this... I derive a great deal of personal happiness from the friendships I have here... but the result is basically that I can't add anyone. If I come across someone that is really interesting and lights my spark... all I can do is go and read 'em at their page. If I add them... they check me out and see some dork with a bajillaian friends and discount me as a friend gourmond and move along. It's not like that you know... I have a deeply felt appreciation for the journals I read. I know I kinda focus on moms... they are heros to me and there is so much about what they will write in a journal that I can relate to. Then there are the dads... and obviously I can relate there too... it's a special, precious but rare thing to find a dad that wants to share like this. Then there's the people that are just watching the curtains pull back on the stages of their lives that remind me of so much that has happened in my life and will soon happen in theirs... There are so many keenly interesting people... experiencing real lives that pull on my heart strings in so many ways... You are simply amazing people.

~ gray fts... there's a million on 'em
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk blue p-z long sleeve w/ txt v-neck sweater.
~ to get more [ :: crack :: ]... running low...
~ off to a bid meeting downtown for the second half of the day... gah... today's schedule is just toast.
~ tonight? more sleep... oh so necessary.
~ I hadn't missed the entire comic book zone as a kid... I asked a quick question about the final scene in X-2 and the responses have pointed me to a freaking wealth of info on shit I knew nothing about... sheltered I guess. But I'm thinking it's never too late to find this stuff out... right?
~ to remind my lil'sugar debby that real friends just stick... period... and I hope your nights get better lil'honey.
~ to just take a second and say that breekola... honey-bre... is really quite beautiful...
~ to point out that belt loops... good for grabbing to hike 'em up till yer kinda squirmy... eh queenveets...
~ there is an angle on my friends list... no really... she has wings tucked in somehow...

I could just about pee my pants with excitement about The Matrix... what a great place for a movie to be... I mean, I could not care less if the movie is any good... it will be great in my head... and I will enjoy every digitally mastered moment.

"Tank? I need to know about the X-Men... plug me into a complete history..."

ps. I am quite confident that, had I come across the opportunity in my youth to be a shoe salesman... I would have gone to jail. Something about kneeling on the floor and slipping a shoe on her foot... ok.. 'nuf said... off to work.

See ya.
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