May 13th, 2003


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Night night lj.


Note: Paul Schafer... yeah... him. The guy on letterman... He wrote the song "it's raining men". Big surprise huh.
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    Just marking a spot... :D

morning lj

You work...
. You sleep...
. You eat...
And when all that is done...
. What do you do?
. You live...

Do you choose to live with your hands gently holding onto happiness in a way that spreads the seed?
Is your hand clenched, vice-like on the axe handle of frustration over whatever?
Can you feel the power you must have to make a choice between these two paths?

Where is it?
. The power...
. You have it, you know...
You will never lose it.
. All you need is in one small word.
. [ :: Help is always close by... :: ]

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ big comfy turtleneck... all of which is what I wore last tuesday... which I realize when I sit down to snap a picture and see last weeks "tuesday" shot
~ argue with MS Excel for the rest of the morning... :D
~ GO TO FUCKING BED TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT (I think I may just suddenly expire any day now from lack of sleep)
~ pick up my computer from the geek-house on the way home from work.
~ a lot of things... but... well, it's just... maybe later.
~ that my friiend breekola finds her way back from that zone... You have all the power sugar. Just hold up your hand!
~ to send just a little squeeze out to sweetxandxsour... just 'cause.

Gotta jet... smooch someone today in their journal... go for it!!!
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