May 12th, 2003



See that? see those two comfortable, relaxed guys? Yeah... that's what we looked like about two minutes before the phone rang... that would be the call from the school asking "Um... Is George coming to school today? The children are getting ready to leave on the field trip...."

Yeah, ok, so this morning was a bad morning to look at the clock and decide... naw...

Five minutes later we were at his school and all worked out well.. except that I forgot my cell phone as we bolted from the house.

~ gray ftls
~ blue/gray dress pants
~ gray t and a light blue silk shirt.
~ to internalize the end of the Survivor show and put out a final S6 update. :D (and there's a lot to swallow... you'd think I was Jenna on a Saturday night).
~ a bunch of geekiness required with an HP-OV server...
~ admin work... expense reports... medical claims... you know... that stuff...
~ to watch "Catch Me If You Can" tonight... I hope it's good... I could use a good laugh.
~ I get a chance to rant a bit later... some things eating away at me... the best medicin for me is to write about stuff.
~ that Team Time Bomb is doing well... who's next? I think amyaustin and velcro_girl are both zoooooming up on due dates... :D
~ a few "Opps I just missed ya" birthday notes...
May 10
Happy Birthday greggy and I know you will never see this... hahaha... but I do hope things are all good for you
... and ...
Happy Birthday cynica... I do hope you had a wonderful birthday sugar-C. You are an amazing woman... and that I say because of how completely you see yourself. We could all stand to have such clear vision. Oh and AND the sign language deal has me filled with wishes... That is something I would love to learn. May this year bring you all the fun you can handle. :)
May 11
Happy Birthday Chuck!!! A birthday wish to the deep north... farnorth. There's a good man up in Anchorage and I hope this year brings peace, health and joy all rolled together for him.

Ok... time to work... oh.. and check this out...

[ :: This is my desk... :: ]

um... geek much? (and now that I look... I really use too many "sticky notes...") :D

ps. good morning... I hope yer day gives you reasons to smile...


mmk... I'm outta here... Today? Not a bad day... ugly outside but a warm happy place inside...

Now the rest of the week? yikes.

Peace yo... and have a great night. :)

time to zooooooooooooooooooom away home.

In case I haven't mentioned it lately... knightsdawn is my hero... :)



~ crush up regular cornflakes... not to powder but just all smashed up... and use normal egg bath (but NO flour first) and bread pork chops with the crushed cornflakes... bake 'em on a roasting pan... be prepared for serious yummi.

~ I have to do a total computer "strip down" in the morning to take my new mainboard (msi kt4v) and processor (amd barton 2500) back to the vendor for them to try... basically they are fooo bar in the worst way when you set the clock ratio etc properly... I can either return the barton and pay a restocking fee, or bring them both parts for the day so they can "proove to themselves" that there's a problem. Never mind that I buy $1000 worth of parts from them every two weeks... fuckers.

~ Catch Me If You Can in t-minus 35 minutes... but must finish kiddie bed time rituals first. :D

~ [ :: This :: ] is the coolest thing ever... it fits in the bay that a floppy drive would go in and has a compact flash, smart media, secure digital and sony stick slot. Basically, 25$ for a reader for all the digital camera media!!! excellent bit of geek.

~ chrissmari really kinda rocks my sox...

~ just1girl is having a birthday ... TODAY!!!... Happy Birthday Karin... You are a wonderful friend and I hope this year brings you a whole new world of opportunity... and that you get to go to mexico!! :D
Happy Birthday Super-Kar !!!

~ pssst... go make a random hit on just1girl and wish her a happy birthday... go on... :D