May 11th, 2003


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Happy Mothers Day
Forget about the candies
Ignore the Walmart display
Never mind about the sign in the jewlery store window
Mothers Day is not about that...

She watched over you, and kissed it better.
She bit her lip, held back giggles, and held back tears.
She loved you... just like you loved her back.
It's about all that... Mothers Day.

One day is hardly enough.

This was just a few minutes ago... before the boys and I went up to say
good morning to the Lady-of-the-house. Fresh baked muffins, fresh coffee,
and fresh tissue paper flowers... and very fresh faces.

~ wake up sweat pants... and shirt... :D
~ shower...
~ dress in real clothes...
~ go to Wallmart with Geo to get a "Pegasus Deck"... it's a YuGhio thing, and he's been saving his allowance.
~ TaeKwanDo this afternoon...
~ a visit to my MILs
~ a visit with mom... :D
~ that where ever you are... who ever you are... mothers day works it's magic on you.
~ that I knew how my darling little new-mommy-in-mexico was doing? Long time, no ly.
~ for a letter from wheelwhirled... because I have big ears.
~ that all is well with a certain sweet friend (acoolsecretary) and her grandchild...

Yesterday: was all about cleaning up and gearing up for a big dinner for my MIL... and, of course, keeping the kids occupied. Swimming lessons in the early morning... groceries in the afternoon... and last night? a total crash out. I still haven't seen X2!!! (imagine me going bananas please). Oh, and the hockey game... wowzers.. that was a fun game to watch!!! (and I'm glad we won!).


time to start ignoring lj and email with gusto!!!

(so as to avoid finding out who won survivor, or any spoilers)

We'll be watching the tape after the show ends... :)