May 9th, 2003



"george... you want in today?"
And of course, he's a face-making hambone... hahaha... I love this guy after he gets past waking up... :D

Today is just freaking beautiful outside... me = happy boy.

~ gray haines bbs
~ blue jeans [ :: friday's other picture :: ]
~ gray t and a collared fake silk shirt... as in it's a real shirt... just not real silk. :D
~ shit kicking shoes... I love walking with these babies on ...
~ well... you know... it's friday... the most rediculously busy day of my work week... kill me ... ok, no wait... don't don't don't ahhhhhh ....
(I thought briefly of just stopping there for humorus impact... but I got wishes so deal...) :D
~ to write a s-6 update... man... I swear I should write to Rob and thank him for all the material... hahahaha...
~ I could give a hug to amyaustin... who is going to be a new mommy soon... and she will be a wonderful mom... they are making her super-cape as we speak!
~ that my porta-beautiful friend (I'll explain that later sugar) alma_perdida does well today... Luck sugar...
~ for peace and comfort to find my darl'en friend wheelwhirled!!! :D
~ to point you at sparklegrrl's journal... is she pretty or what...
~ for health to find it's way to my long time friend daikan and her little goober... ick on the strep baby... get bedda.
~ oh, and the same to passerineadora-pam, who is really passerine but I just love saying "adora-pam"...
~ and just a wee bit more good health wishen for lindalee_ poor sugar...

Ok you gotta try and imagine this... I'm a dolt... we already know that... but never more so than when I try to get totally efficient when I'm in a rush. Woke up a tad bit late today but not too bad. I made a point this week of taking care of business in the morning with Geo because Eds has been under the weather (cold) and Z is almost there too so I want her to get morning sleeps... So anyways, I get Geo up to go get dressed while I do the same. I'm all happy to have friday clothes to wear... love the jeans, and a comfy shirt, versus some shirt I 'should' wear for work. (on several mornings each week I am like a complete banana... dressing and redressing in the walk-in 2 or 3 times. ga!!).
So this moring we get to the kitchen and I'm in my friday-wear while Geo snaps on the tube for his breakfast television and I make his breakfast. A carrot muffin and a protien shake. I bought some of that Whey product stuff for the kid that wont eat eggs... I haul out the blender... grab a spoon and put one small scoop of ice cream in, add milk, a little bit of Quick (choco) and then a big scoop of the protied (geo loves this btw). Pop on the lid and snap the blend button.
It's not like I haven't done this before... but today? Brain totally on hold... the sound of the blending is crazy ass loud... why you might ask? well because I left the sterling dessert spoon in the blender F*U*C*K. As I reached for the machine to turn it off... the spoon must have caught the perfect angle... because it shot straight up blowing the lid off the blender and very effectively blanketing me, the ceiling, the cupboards, the floor, and the stove with choco protien shake. I'm talking "blinking the protien shake out of my eyes" kind of explosion. Any hope of Geo making his bus (buss) vanished then and there... and I had to revisit the friday clothing deal.

Now you gotta know it's a great day for me to still be in such a great mood after that!!! :D

See ya muchachos et muchachas... play nice and smile at strangers... they'll think your wonderful ... or a cannibal.
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