May 6th, 2003



well g'morning...
it's a rainy, windy, chilly day...
and I just don't care... I had a good sleep,
despite a short one and I'm feeling like a million bucks today. :D

you just can't imagine how lucky I feel sometimes to be married to babyfatz.
love is a gift... and, yes, it is better to give than receive... but the receiving is pretty damn fine too. :D
(ok, I just reread that... and it sounds kinda porn... I didn't mean it that way... snicker)

~ gray ftls
~ gray, kinda blue gray dress pants
~ a t and a very comfy beige turtleneck... (has blue accents...)
~ well, to start my day at a client site... did that... now I'm back.
~ be awake... something I was officially NOT all day yesterday
~ finish a report for the project I'm working on.
~ tonight? more geek to finish installing stuff to my pc
~ and AND jump back and forth between Leno and Letterman... (x-men guest spots... - thanks amyaustin)
~ that whatever happens today... it works for my friend eiffelgirl (good luck lil'sugar)
~ to point out that ... what you do is get up, and face the new look and feel of life... to a remarkable young woman... indianasweetie
~ a handfull of congratulations over to dpaul007 ... on the decision... and on the outcome.
~ it's been a while since I've mentioned how much I love nbbmom... er, in an appropriate way of course...
(and I'll make private little jokes about what I mean by that... snicker) but seriously... She is really someone special.
~ and speaking of "it's been a long time..." I'm wishing that my texas sugar, jennfromtx has a grand day.

::::::::::::::::::::: HEY ::::::::::::::::::::
I'm gonna catch up on some birthday wishes... promise... friends deserve the effort...
That being said... and me being in this big goofy rush with work and all...
I still gotta take a say;

Happy Birthday Tonya
~ tonya, a friend for years now, will be a Mrs. this fall... (this fall?) and I'm just say'en...
I wish for her to have a year made in the dreams of angels more than you can imagine.
She is such a beautiful, and wonderful girl... it is a blessing in so many ways to think that I have had the chance
to make friends like her in my life.
Do you know her? Go say hi and wish her a happy birthday ... k'mom... :D

ps. three Reese Peanut Butter Cups in rappid succession is a taste sensation of outstanding proportions...
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ok... I'm stumped on a geek thing with the computer I built for the kids... I used an ATI Radeon 7000 video card... but it's apparently not a "Real" ati card... rather it's a "powered by" ATI card.

I put a DVD player in their computer... you know, so they can play the games that come on all those DVD's we get for the kids...

So.... there is no 180-XXXXX etc. code on the disk to unlock the ATI Web Site's distribution of the DVD decoder for the Radeon Card.

I've net searched... and loaded drivers and blah blah blah... but alas... earwax.

Any idea what the idea is? I'm just basically confused about what it is I don't have... I mean, there's a DVD decoding engine on the 7000 card... there's a DVD player that Windows XP recognizes... but when I launch the program on the DVD to play the DVD games... let alone watch the actual movie on the computer... it kacks... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Happy Birthday!!

holy snapfish*

Time to catch up on the BD zone!!!

May 1: kryssiefish Happy Birthday Sugar Krys, October 8th? last update... oh... 2002... Well I hope you had a great birthday this year...

May 1: Happy Birthday Krysena. (dockdiva) "All the things she said... all the things she said... " :D Have a great year sweets... :D

May 1: And Joanne... Happy Birthday sweets... jjoanne You are missed sugar-JJ... :D

May 3: arkos - Omega ?? Omega? k'mon... Happy Birthday yo! :D

May 3: knightsdawn Dude!!! I can't believe I missed your's. Must have been a weekend. You are a wonderful friend and I hope you have a great year!!

May 5: rememberingyou!! Darcy!! Happy Birthday to a girl that I have to spend more time trying to get to know... which is my way of saying I've been a rather crummy friend so far Darcy but I'll work on that. :D Happy Birthday sugar.

May 6: mindcrime Happy Birthday absent girl... I hope you have a year with as many games as you can handle... :)

May 6: bigbull Dude... Happy Birthday bro... you've made quite an impression and colored me green at every turn of your social calendar... Go you! and have a great year!!

May 6: mscantbwrongHappy Birthday Jennifer... You were so kind with the lip pic post thing... :D :D Have a great year sugar-lips... :D

* I just really wanted to say "snapfish"...