May 5th, 2003



Ok... so we went to bed last night... kinda late (big surprise) because a) I'm having computer problems from HELL and was working on that for ever and b) no matter how late it got.... we were watching ALIAS last night or else... :D

So I'm in bed... and sorta falling asleep around 2:30... and I hear one of the kids pad up and out of bed... down the hall... I'm thinking it's Geo and that he's looking for us in the office... but no... 'cause he would have been calling for us after a few seconds... So maybe it's one of them headed for the can... I instinctively start listening close for the sound of him washing his hands... The issue is that I don't want to pop out into the hall and scare the shit out of the little guy (which ever one it is). So I sit up and listen... and it does start to sound weird... then I hear the sound of feet downstairs!!!!! Ok... enough. I get up and head for the stairs to see whats up... and I can see Edward downstairs... in the light of the always-on-stove-light. I call out gently to him that I'm coming down... and head downstairs... and I step in something wet.

Yikes, I'm guessing he pee'd his little self hurrying for the can, so I go get him and ... and... well, he's all dry... ?? whatever... job one, get him back to bed and tuck him in. Do that. Then investigate. OMG. I was up for another 35 mintues cleaning... seems little sleepy monster go up, went down the hall and stood infront of the railing, pants down, and pee'd a river down the stairs... wall... bannister... floor... rugs... oh geeeeez. He must have been alseep dreaming that he made it to the washroom. I couldn't possibly be angry about it... it was just so classic... and the gods of good fortune are smiling because today we actually have a scheduled apprearance of the carpet cleaners so the walls and bannister were the real effort. :D

~ black ftls, kinda new ones... snug in all the right ways...
~ dk blue dockers... I know I know...
~ beige t with a txt v-neck sweater...
~ evil meeting in a half hour... then spend the rest of the day reacting to that meeting... it's all work... so it's all good! :D
~ total freaking geek tonight.
~ writing up several birthday wishes to try and catch up... :D
~ to point out that no matter who is in the room with you... when you heart carries the adoration of so many loving friends, you can never truley be alone... and I say that in the hopes that the message gets to my friend kitiara. (and yes, I know... there is no substitute for the real thing...)
~ that the world spins in some special way to give a taste of honey to my sweet and remarkably strong friend ladyfire... I think about her a lot... I can't help it...
~ holy moly... have you seen the pictures that the garden girl herself posted... (garderngnome) ... wow she is looking like a million bucks (not that the "several hundred thousand" that she was looking like a year ago was anything besides delicious but geeeez...
~ that I get to see thatthingido again... can't imagine why I'm thinking about her... :D

ALIAS: TWO FREAKING YEARS!!!! Wholey crap. wholey wholey wholey crap! (and WOW).

My desktop at home basically tanks and reboots every 3 minutes and every major process blue screens the system... New MSI main board and a new Barton 2500+ (athlon) processor... something must be connected wrong... I'm going to go mental if I can't fix it. That will definately be my night tonight...

Listen, I have several B-days to catch up on but I wanted to take just a quick second to say Happy Birthday to breekola... I met Brianna I don't know where ... but I am sure glad I did. She is an amazing young woman... full of the things in life that make you sit back and sigh with happiness that you are in fact not dead. I am so lucky to meet people that make you feel alive and happy just by being around you. :D Happy Birthday sugar and I hope this next year fills your life with memories you carry around forever... You are a sweet and treasured friend. :D

Ok... I gotta go do that meeting thing.
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