May 4th, 2003



ug... everything is all munged up in geek land at casa de corto.

Saturday found me building another family computer... I think (I think?) it's the last one for a while... but in the middle of all of that I decided to update my own mb and processor... and managed to screw everything up on my pc. Sooooooooooooooooooooo. I'm proly gonna have to reinstall a bunch of os stuff... geek fun but so damn time consuming.

~ well, an orange shirt right now... but it's taekwando testing day... so white in a few minutes.
~ leave in 20 min to go for my belt test...
~ talk to a brandigirl... well, email...
~ install my MIL's new computer
~ sun? what's sun?
~ I could read my own email, let alone try to catch up a bit on lj.

We watched Darkness Falls last night... at er... 12:30... We both passed out on the sofa after putting the kids to bed and woke up at midnight. Then, after the silly - scare ya movie - we ended up with kids waking up with all manner of sore tummies, or bad dreams... Geo actually came bolting into our room clutching his throat... grabbing for the light... complaining about a huge cut on his neck... then the "er... I guess it was a dream..." Well... He lost a tooth a couple of nights ago... we just watched darkness falls, so we did manage a little Rod Serling theme music over that one. :D

Any ways... I need to go be dad for a bit then head out to the test... I'll see ya this aft. :D