May 2nd, 2003



Well that was quite the thursday.
I mean, as far as thursdays go.

Somewhere in my head is a random concern for a dog... and for a friends Mom.

Somewhere in my heart is a thought for a short haired vix in toronto.

My friends pages remain a remarkably interesting living novel... with complex plots and dynamic characters that lead normal yet compelling lives. I just love being able to connect and make friends here... with you guys. :D

You know (deep thoughts here for a sec... bear with me) ... I am once again reminded how disconnected so many of my friends are from one another. Even though I know in my head that all my lj friends don't know one another, my heart sometimes forgets that and I just cruize along ignoring my head.
Then I am reminded.
I wish you all knew one another...
There are so many really amazing people here that would be so great together...

We're looking forward to a visit from canuckgirl in a little while... I get to cook for another lj friend... (yes, it's the small things that keep me entertained). :D

On another note...

Old enough to know what the right thing to do is... still young enough to believe their own excuse.

You know... you've never heard me say I hate drama...
hell, I have a blast with it when it rolls around. I admit it.
It's the people that do flips and twists to convince you that they absolutely hate drama...
then spend all their cycles stirring it up.
Makes you wonder what else in their lives they lie to themselves about.
Ah well...

Ok... enough random mental threads... haha... time to find a bed and look forward to wearing jeans tomorrow.


Finally ... friday... you've been a long time comming yo! Of course, true to form, I've an impossible task to be completed before the end of the day. That's ok... my mother always said "impossible" was my middle name... ar ar ar...

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans [ :: and it's friday yo! :: ]
~ long sleeve txt shirt with the orange stripe... and a big comfy sweater... it's a brrrr day.
~ to try and recover from the hell that was the survivor episode last night. :D
~ to write a S6 update... but later...
~ finish a matrix doc at work... whole day deal.
~ to continue being happy at how nice my car is running ...
~ to think about spaimy... like I usually do...
~ that my out-west friend hisbeauty is ok with her littlest girl... growing up on her. pandora and all that... hug.
~ to point out to sweetxandxsour that songs turn you on because you play the "association" game ... you just need to do the right things with the right song on... over and over and over and over and over... :D
~ to sing for Frosty (frostbyte)... I'm a lumber jack and I'm ok... I work all night... and I work all day... I dress in womens clothing...
~ happy 22nd anniversary to my friend joei :D
~ that my very precious friend kimberly27616 has a safe and fulfilling trip... giggle.
~ !!! that all is well for a sweet young woman that so very much has earned a lot of peace ... and whole lot of love from her friends... take care sometimes59
~ a whole lotta wishes for pookfreak 'mostly because I like her so much.

Do you know alcestis?? yes? go read her post [ :: here :: ] I'm going to have to dig up a picture from somewhere... I'm sure I have at least one of her.

ps. holy crap there's a lot of birthdays...

See ya soon. :D
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Survivor 6 Update!!!

Survivor VI : Update

Darwin Rules This Game.

Wherein pathetic little weasels whine like live lobsters tossed in boiling water. A man becomes a god, immunity is given away, the unthinkable happens at the pit, and we get the very best exit speech ever.

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