April 30th, 2003


spin spin spin...

// mini rant
A morning from hell, and that's without any punk ass "dante's inferno" quizz*. We all woke up at 8:15... despite my best efforts to go to bed early ... I was no where near sleep till close to two. So the morning was a series of "hurry up's" and butt kicking (myself) for putting myself in this position... all * the * fucking * time. Then I get to work and I've a note from someone say'en that I didn't do this and that to confirm something for his pay... And "pay" is everything, so I understand his bitch, except I did do exactly what was required... so now it's all about forwarding managers copies of emails from "sent" baskets and getting this shit off my ass. Nothing good comes from a situation where you gotta make people in charge pony up to the "I was wrong" counter... nothing. fuck.
// ok enough of that.

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ blue long sleeve p-z top... yeah, I'm a p-z poster boy today... now if I could just find p-z socks.
~ do some serious spinning...
~ I have to find a matrix of SLAs in a series of SOR documents that is about 5 inches of solid paper... I know, acronym's suck... believe me... this is not the "fun" part of work.
~ The West Wing is new tonight... I'm looking forward to that ...
~ when I woke up today... the first person I thought of... (while running around trying to make 15 minutes stretch to the 30 needed to actually shower etc...) was my very precious friend Christina... that's wheelwhirled. She had Samuel just about a week ago. I hope her little family is doing well.
~ I have forever made a mental cross-connect between Christina and another Lj friend (I met them both years ago, but at about the same time... and I've always mixed up their identities)... topazgrrl. I've received a note from Amy but it's been a while... It's been far too long since I've heard from Amy. I hope all is well in her world as well.
~ Sweet Lydia (ly) had her little nugget a few days ago... and she hasn't dropped everything to post pictures in her journal... (please "get" the sarcasm) but I do hope she is doing well as well and that little baby marianna is making all the right little noises.

I'm missing something... have you seen it?

* I'm just reminding you... those quiz deals that slap an image in your journal... an image owned by someone else on another server somewhere that you have no control over... it's happened before and it WILL happen again... that the image host is hacked and the series of quizz images is replaced with hard core distasteful images that are suddenly IN your journal for anyone to see that scrolls your pages.
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Happy Birthday Mel!

I just wanted to pop a couple of mel-wishes in... before I get so busy I forget...

Happy Birthday Mel... (dreamy_thoughts) "Dreamy" is a good name for you sugar, but that's mostly 'cause you such a cutie... :D I do hope you have a wonderful year and that love keeps bringing you memories worthy of places in your heart. This will be a big year for you... and I hope I am fortunate enough to be around to share it with you.


Happy Birthday to the Uber Writer Girl khisanth...who just happens to be a Melody (hence another "mel" - see above) may you find yourself absolutely drowning in the love of your many friends sugar. You have been a wonderfully giving friend and I do appreciate the time you take to journal and share your world. I hope this year gives you relief from the the small things that intrude on your happiness and comfort... and that you get tortured just the way you like it... :D

Love and kisses to a couple of great friends. :D
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