April 29th, 2003



y quiero pensar, so I stop for a bit.
clearly I have issues... (stop laughing)
but I wont lie down.
I can't see as well from there.

Radio this moring... on my way to work.
Interview with McLellan... SARS stuff.
Fed Minister of Health.
I never realized that she used to be Charlie Browns teacher.

~ gray flts... again... promise... new ones. :D
~ dk blue dockers again... getting to be like a uniform
~ black t with a silk shirt.
~ presentation to boss at 10:30 and to the team at 1:30
~ maybe, sorta, actually get something DONE tonight...
~ game 3 ... hockey... go sens go
~ that my sweet friend vina gets 'nuf rest... ;)
~ for a little smile of something warm to find chandos ... just 'cause.
~ do you know spaimy... no? You're missing it. (that's my way of saying...er... she's an "it" girl.)
~ I understood why I feel like asking "what would sarah connor do?" grin

Hey ... Happy Birthday time...

Holy Shan Pea!!!! Today is the recently engaged Shan-the-ever-loving-ectv's birthday... I saw those pictures... with Nikki... and man does Shann ever look fantastic. :) Happy Birthday sugar-shan. I just know this is going to be a year unlike all the others... and a knock-down-fantastic year at that. I am so happy that love came so completely to your door. Enjoy your birthday. :D


He's pretty fly for a white guy... snicker... Happy Birthday sickboy. I mean, get better first, then enjoy the birthday... I do very much hope I am fortunate enough to meet you someday. You seem to me, to very much be the boy at the center of something.... and that you are at once blessed with the spirit to enjoy that something... and the where-for-all to make it something amazing. Have a great year yo... may it give you stories worth holding close to your heart for all time.


Happy Birthday polarbear! Keep that little camera... :D (what the heck is "Isbjørn")... I hope you have a year without injury and filled with new chances to bring the world around you closer to your heart.