April 25th, 2003



Just banging my head with the busy zone. Up today a tad bit behind schedule, despite going to be BEFORE 1:00 (go me) and had to roust the family into the car to drive me to the mechanics to get my car... which wasn't ready... gah! He loans me his truck... me? Not much loving driving an old ford pickup... strange desire to start drinking beer and scratching myself... dunno...

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans [ :: well, it's friday after all :: ]
~ jet black t-shirt (which is... basically just a black shirt, but as I've said before, I just like saying "jet black")
~ no-colar silk (real silk) shirt... (*way nice shirt... love it)
~ 5 interviews... quick...
~ rip open an openview system to see what's what...
~ then right a kick'en report... and be done before 2:00
~ survivor update? gotta wirte that... oh my god!... gloves are off yo.
~ plan a weekend of data back ups on our computers at home
~ I had more time... I'm just SWAMPED and I just can't focus on lj yet...
~ that a little "ass'less" fish manages to find it's peace ... as it in "rest-in", not "piece of" at thinktink's house....
~ a quick word out to haela ... and the word is ug... baby I hope this is sorted out for you ... hug.
~ and Angela!!!!! pasticcio... LOVE that dress... did you get it?

Tonight is Game one in the the series between Ottawa and Phili... in Ottawa... traffic is gonna be wacko... but there's a real buzz in the air. I hope Ottawa advances. I mean, power to you Phili... it's just been a while since these guys have done anything besides choke in the playoffs... :D (nice jinx huh... hahaha)

I'm planning a gnommie big-art thing... just gotta work out some details... Don't know what that means? That's ok... it'll all make sense later. :D

Kiss... hey. I know I've not been 'round much (well....) but you guys ... my friends...
are just amazingly supportive and good hearted people...
I love that I get to friends with you. (does a happy dance)

See ya later yo. :D
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Survivor 6 Update!!!

Survivor VI : Update

Come on Matthew... People Sushi!

Wherein a primal scream, a tortured soul, four lazy fut buckers, and the darwin moment to end all darwin moments make for one awesome moment of payback that I feared would not come...

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