April 24th, 2003



holla... up here in the frozen north... freakish snow still lingering... cold wind blowing... gah!!!! give me summer or give me death... well, ok... not death... but sheeesh.

Dig it... last night several of my friends popped open their Yahoo chat windows with streaming video cams and got together to spend time with a mutual friend (the ever adorable ly btw) as she opened baby prezzies they had sent to her... etc... basically, a web enabled baby shower. I was, unfortunately, busy with being a dad so I missed most of this... but I popped in to say hi and see sweet Lydia opening a few things... k... Do you see where I'm going here... How freaking wonderful is it that this is possible. People that don't get this stuff... net connections, friends on-line, all that... they are missing out on an amazing world shrinking experience.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ black golf shirt
~ dk blue v-neck sweater.
~ *AND* I wore my brand new trench coat*... it's dark... it's this micro fiberish stuff... that feels like peach fuzz... hmmmm... me likes.
~ to find a drive from here to my car (took it to the shop this morning... meaning that Z and Ed had to drive me to work - Thanks guys).
~ more interview and going to put the smack down on this weeks report... work stuff... fun, hard, complicted... all good stuff.
~ Survivor is on tonight...
~ madonna is gonna be on Will and Grace? do you think she'll be doing any yoga?
~ to go to bed before 1:00 tonight... no really.. stop laughing...
~ to send out a big "Go You" to tracylee... just 'cause... :D
~ I could keep track of sparklegrrl... but at least I have a count down... 7 more nights... and what do you mean HB to you? It's not your b-day is it?
~ to sneak a hand over to jennfromtx and hold hers for a bit... and, btw, I cannot think of a better woman than kitykity from whom you can find inspiration.
~ that my friend amyaustin (another member of the Team Time Bomb) gets past the morning sickies... and all the other evils of being so careful with youself. (go you!!)

"So, back there... in the press room... I think my reflexes were rather cat like." CJ never ever fails to make me smile.
Man... I loved last nights West Wing. I mean, the moment when Charlie bursts into the oval office was just freaking classic... You absolutely gotta love that guy. Oh, and the head gear wearing, automatic weapon carrying uber soldier-protector dude that walks into the oval office when Sheen was trying to make that phone call!! k... cool.
*AND!!!!* talk about your test of the writing... Chandler Bing... dude... if you can pull this off... the writers will deserve a special award. I'm thinking it's going to work.
AHHHH... *and* (sorry... I just keep remembering things)... DONNA! come on... you can see it can't you? it's coming...

ok ok .. I gotta stop now and go work on stuff... you know.. .that whole job thing.

* trench coat??; I don't get that name... not even a little? was it a coat style from the first world war ... or what? I mean... trench?
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[ :: lunch :: ]

although I already ate the banana.

It's been getting steadily nicer outside... there is sun... thankfully.

(and yes... this is actually a post with no more inherent value than to post a picture of my lunch... weeeeee).


edit: fucking hell... lunch? not warm enough... back to kitchenette and heat 'er up more... then drop it on the floor... I mean, the portion is small to begin with... now it's half the size. crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reason #18 why I like my mechanic.

He just called...
"I have bad news... and good news."
"The bad?"
"The exhaust manifold on yer car is totally cracked... $750. plus tax."
"The good?"
"I did a little digging and you have a hidden warrenty that runs out in 3 months... totally covered by honda. I booked you in with them next week."

k... no kissing the mechanic... but I'm guessing they like donuts.