April 22nd, 2003


.... morning.

I downloaded a bunch of shakira videos... going back in time here to the spanish stuff only... man... she looked totally NOTHING like she does now. I mean, she has this uber "selling it" look going on now and power to her... but her more demure, latin beauty thing from the brunette days is quite something... Watching the video for Estoy Aqui... I kept seeing ly's face .... :D

ps. I'm glad easter is over... and next year? It's gonna be different. This was way too much choco for our kids... geezus... they were practically twitching in their beds last night... Needless to say, I did what any good parent would do ... and tried to gobble up as much of their bunnies as they wont miss after they went to sleep.

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers... go 'head...spill something on 'em...
~ 3WV Morning Show (Hi Kym) t-shirt hiding under the comfy turtleneck.
~ a bucket overflowing with stuff at work... yikes!!
~ add a friend to my dns tonight (bonk! I gotta remember to do this...)
~ kiss this really cute girl that lives in my house... :D
~ drink obscene amounts of coffee...
~ my pooo little sugar bits... lakme... the 'Zan from St. Kits, gets better ... (gargle with salt water!!! do it!)
~ oh, and I hope another Susan... kitykity does NOT hear from daycare today (I hope rainlin feels better...)
~ and I wish for a sucessful spin moment for my so-cal sugar snack... kristylicious
~ er, happy floor day yo... out to frozenone... man, got work? good luck brother.

So listen...
I was doing a quick run back through my friends pages and came across something quite sad.
An lj friend has passed away.
I have not found the details of what happened but I will eventually... for now, I wanted to just take a moment and remember.

This is a very in-yer-face journal girl who is, no doubt, a very normal girl in her real life... She was 17 when I first met her in journal land... I think she was close to turning 19. Before you draw any crummy conclusions, um... bite me... She was a friend, and I care about my friends. She loved her boy friend and argued nicely with her mom (who I managed to speak with on the phone once, btw). She was a ball of burning potential and I know I will miss her. I know a lot of people will miss her... but, other than Megan, I know that nobody on my friends list has ever heard of her.
Rest in piece sweet Becca... You've been a few journals over the years... and you're legacy will be sweetwater_kill.
I will hold silent dreams for there to be peace and understanding in the hearts of your family.
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bah! Off to beat the worst of the traffic... and find my way home. :D


When you hold me...
your heat should almost burn me.
When you kiss me...
I want to be breathless.
When our hands find one another...
our fingers should slide together and form a link between our hearts.

As I hold you...
you will feel my love completely
As I kiss you...
I will touch your heart.
As our bodies slide together beneath the sheets...
there will be no thoughts beyond the love that guides us.

When you love me...
I become the man I always wanted to be.

See ya amigos.
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