April 21st, 2003



(Edward in the background ... into the kleenex!!)

Ok... I really need a shave. But it's a fourth-day-in-a-row off work... I really kinda wanna be a slug today. :D

Last night was... too short. Kids dragged my sorry self from bed at 8:00 and I made moaning noises on the sofa till about 8:45 then it was pancake city. These guys are really likeing "real" maple syrop... personally... ick on pancakes... I prefer the fake stuff. So I beat them. ... yeah... ok, not. George is busy playing "Pandoras Box" (puzzle game on computer) and Edward is constructing (which will mean a large mess but mostly just cut up paper and straws). One quick check around to make sure they're not about to self distruct over anything and it's hit-the-showers time for me.

Oh... here comes Ed... gotta jet.

~ er.. big red sweat shirt, blue sweat pants...
~ but that'll all change in about 15 minutes...
~ shower... in 10 minutes...
~ to work on the kite (box kite... no tail... gonna take picutes)
~ put screens back in the windows... and clean the screens I forgot to take out last fall!
~ that my friend... sweet jean... ldygwynedd is finding some peace in her world. It's been a trying time for this good woman and good friend... and I hope her world has the support it takes to make it through a time like this.
~ that my uber pal Christina (wheelwhirled) continues to do well... lot's of easter family visits drawn to her by the "power of that new baby smell!"
~ that a little good health creeps up on Wes (that would be pixiecup's little man) before everybody gets sick!!
~ a few warm thoughts over to breekola... and I hope you get a better answer for mom (dude, get off the compute...have you looked at her lately?)
~ that thatthingido has a great day off!!! (miss you sugar)
~ hmmm... and I need to do a birthday note... yes... indeed...

Ok... dad-like duties call... see ya.

project kite boy.

Kite stuff....

Ok, if you're in a rush... picture one... and picture 6...
If you're bored... fill yer boots.
[ :: click the thumbs for a larger pic... but they're not that big... :: ]

Note the little scrap of paper in the middle of the bench... that would be the high tech spacial drawing that I'm working from... :D (ar ar ar)

: Ok, start laying out the frame...

: a little more....

: mmk, that's the frame... now string.

: Kinda looks cool hanging there...

: awright... not done but the first panel is on...

I'll get some pics when it's all said and done. :D


well... done for now.

There's still two panels to put on... the lowever outside "fins".

It's all tissue paper... all tight except on the fins... so they take on a bit of a concave shape.
I have some doubts as the "flyability" factor but I've watched the guy that explained this too me fly many a'box kite so... fingers crossed.

oh, and I have an icepack on my left foot... no idea how or what but I did something* to inside-curve of my ankle.

Back to work tomorrow... and I'll be waiting for a dry... windy day!! (hopefully before the golf season starts at the golf course behind us... Great place to fly kites!!

* "something" in this case is a really owwwww kind of something.

See ya.