April 20th, 2003



Me and coffee... going steady all morning. :D

Kiddo #1 was up at 7:00... fortunately I went to bed at 1:ish so it's not so bad. Kiddo #2? still asleep...
Yesterday was a grand day... I've a few posts to account for it... Did everything from shortening faux wood venitian blinds, to putting up a new ceiling light and *gasp* bouncing on a trampoline... (one person at a time - I was the kill joy of the day, forcing them to play one-trampoline-jumper-at-a-time!!). Z is a rather natural tallent on that thing.

Saw the little tiny boy that played piano at our wedding... 12 years ago... he's not so little any more! He's going to go to Singapore for school in an exchange this coming January.!! (wow!)

~ sweat pants and shirt that I fell into when I woke up...
~ to monitor the easter treat consumption... well, theirs... not mine! :D
~ to respond to an email....
~ unload pictures and stuff from cameras...
~ to continue wanting a new digital still camera like all get out!!
~ clean out the freaking fridge... holy schmoly it's a freak show in there.
~ to return "The Transporter" dvd we rented for last night.
~ that sugar-C (catherine) and her main squeeze get better... sick mommy and daddy, at the same time... sucks hard when little baby cuteness needs loven and attention. :)
~ for pixiecup's body to cooperate ... :D
~ that, someday, when I get to visit Las Vegas (because I dream of going there... regularly)... that I get to meet missilv and lvglenn... geez I like those guys...
~ that checking lj later pays off with a picture of a blue haired allyn!!!!

I gotta go wake Ed up... I'll see ya later. :D

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Light reading...

guess what?

Easter? Read: Eostre... goddess... hometown? Babylon... aka Iraq.
Currently? Easter Egg Hunt on the lawn of the Whitehouse... George is overseeing that.

I wonder if he knows?

Just say'en. :D