April 18th, 2003



Good Friday huh... well... ok.. I had a good sleep...
although you might not think it to look at me... yikes!

Know someone who wouldn't feel good just knowing they're loved?
Sounds like someone you don't know as well as you think.

~ hains bbs...
~ old jeans... [ :: friday's other picture :: ]
~ um... shower... shave... that stuff.
~ play this YuGiOh board game thing with George...
~ outside...!!! OUTSIDE... fresh air required.
~ write up a quicky about S6 from last night.
~ giggle to myself about Rachel in Friends... "well, that was something new."
~ that my friend Jess... (the ever precious pixiecup) gets to enjoy some serious jess time today.
~ for patience to find it's way back into my mind and body.
~ that something wonderful sneaks up on txdevil and nibbles on her somewhere... and that there's a silver lining to the clouds that have blown into your world.

Happy Birthday gravity

May you ... and your amazingly fortunate turn of life over the last year...
play into a game of epic proportions as this next year wears away the pages of your calendar.
I wish you the greatest happiness...
and looking at you today...
comparing you to the man I have known for a couple of years...
I'm just think'en... you're really making that an easy wish.


The amount of laughter that the boys let loose with durring the first 15 minutes of "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" was astounding!

Survivor 6 Update!!!

Survivor VI : The Recap Show

Arsenic, Old Lace, and a Sweet Transvestite

Wherein a Rocky meets Carmen Miranda gets herself a pineapple, the penicillin meatball is invented and the horror of political correctness a'la the dreaded Christian right worms it's way into the mid-season bowl movement of the Survivor show.

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