April 17th, 2003



Ok... it's utterly bazzing outside... (that's cold yo!!)
but the sun is in supernova mode and everything is lit up and beautiful.
It's a fantastic ... utterly fantastic day in the world of me.
I'm having a hard time imagining how it gets any better than this.
Well, alright I can imagine...
but then we'd have to start talking about cheerleader squads and latin dancing.

What the hell was with West Wing last night... the TV Guide was all "New" episode and the
begining of the show where they show you teasers from "previously... on the West Wing" made it
look like the Airforce One that couldn't land was "previously..." Then they went on the play that
episode again... and I was all primed up for a new epi!! grrr... hahaa...

oh, and I gotta write more later about a meeting that started my day... :D :D

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ black t and a silk shirt... no collar.
~ finish my first report on a project at work.
~ revel in the knowledge that my DNS is working again at home... :D
~ to continue finding cadbury eggs all over my office... no seriously... I've found 5 big ones and a bunch of little doves so far...
~ watch Survivor tonight...
~ you could put your hand on my shoulder and feel the vibe that rushing around inside me right now... I swear you'd feel it... and no, it's not just coffee....
~ that my pal ....the girl with the beautiful white teeth... kimberly27616... would put that stuff away before it starts to hurt!
~ to beg the gods for a moment of sweet relief to find it's way to my friend mandelion... sweet woman, deserves a break yo!!!!
~ do you know just1girl?? You should... go visit... say hi...

Ok... I gotta jet... busy busy busy...

I get knocked down
and I get up again
no one's ever gonna keep me down
I get knocked down
and I get up again
no one's ever gonna keep me down.


Congratulations wheelwhirled (Christina!!)

~ she had her baby yesterday... well, last night... Samuel Joseph joined the world at 7:22pm (7 lbs 8 ozs and 18 1/2 inches)
~ Everybody concerned is healthy and happy... and I'm smiling.
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... and there was this time... at band camp.

Have you ever heard the expression:

"What does not kill me will make me stronger."

Yeah... I know you've heard it.
Look I dunno what the problem is but I keep getting interesting emails from friends asking what's up with so and so, etc.

So I'm jumping to the conclusion that I'm getting a bum rush somewhere... bottom line... bite me!
I'm a good boy... and this is my journal.
I have no shame... and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.
Do your fuck'en worst and when your done, lick my balls...

If you show up in my journal intent on making me feel bad... sorry to screw with you but it'll just backfire.
I can always use a good laugh.
If you dump me because someone convinces you I suck... then power to you (happend with a few recently)
Your estetic will be your only tender. (and I'm better off without your judgemental ass in my face anyways)

I've said it before and I'll keep say'en it as often as I want...
My journal... mine.
I do this for me and while I love my friends with fierce determination to squeeze every bit of love'en energy out of myself that I can....
I don't do this for anyone but me.


yeah so... a long day... I'm getting to exercise my "range" today... from a purely emotional sense of the term.

I often wonder about things that ...
if I think too hard...
would leave me all together messed...
so I don't bother with that think too much stuff.
I don't really own a tierra yo.

Bring it on.

I guess I'd forgot that tonight is the Survivor FAKE episode where they review the season to date ... ah well... I'll still watch it and see if there's any thing of worth ragg'en on there. :D

However... have you been seeing advertisements for Eco Challenge. It's looking like it will be a fantastic voyage. If you don't know about it... find out. It's cool stuff. Mark Brunet... the last name you see in Survivor Credits is the guy behind it... but it's some serious shit.

Time to join the elevendy zillion folks heading West towards the Corel Center... they're going to the game... I'm just going home.
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we just got a letter... we just got a letter... wonder who it's from.


~ after a day like today... I come home to some lj loving from across the planet!!!

Thank you kissekat!!! Thank you so very much!

I had a package in the mail today... full of the best selling cars in sweeden!!.
[ :: a picture of the booty!! :: ]

And the boys recorded a thank you for the yummies... they are quite taken with the little bilar's. :D
[ :: an MP3 thank you to kitty sue :: ]