April 16th, 2003



Hi again...
it's me. Bet yer surprised... ya know I've been say'en "hi" every day for ... um... three years? save for about 30 individual days I can remember missing... :D
Getting sick of this yet? tough... all yer mornings belong to us. lol. :D

So, I mentioned the crack whore yesterday... yeah, well I drove to work through HAIL this morning. No seriously... what the hell is going on? Oh, and it's snowing out. weeee

Quick note: If you press yer finger down on a bottle of hair spray several dozen times when yer getting ready for your day at work... don't rest yer head back against the MIRRORED wall of the elevator... mmmk.

~ black ftls
~ gray / blue dress pants... (um, is it gray or grey?)
~ blue mock neck shirt... mock mock...
~ beige and blue v-neck txt sweater.
~ to download another older shakira album... and the network guys can come get me with their cattle prods if it makes 'em happy.
~ um... [ :: cams on :: ]... cams always on... just say'en.
~ reconfigure BIND on my server (home thing) and that's because quantumanomaly rawks my sox!
~ interview about 5 people on the new project today.
~ watch hockey tonight... faker fan boy is at it again... (Hi Kimberly :D)
~ to get my arse in bed at a good time tonight.
~ to send out a monster Congratulations to my sweet and deserving friend ectv. Shann got engaged yesterday... now I gotta send her that Kindersurprise Egg. :D
~ and for another Shann in my world, I hope today brings some kind of wonderful into the lives of my friends hoorah and shann.
~ I had been wakened by the damn alarm clock today ... ok, it's not the clocks fault... going to bed at 2:00 is the real problem. We all woke up at 7:45 today. George on a bus, fed with a lunch by 8:10 and me ... out the door, shaved and, thankfully, dressed, by 8:20. blech... hate mornings like this... thank god Z can pull herself together to make it possible for the linen dent crew to get the hell out of dodge.
~ do you know amyaustin?? She's a fantastic journaler... (besides all cute 'n stuff) ... snicker. :D
~ to congratulate the incomperable (I think I just made that word up...whadeva) wolfiegirl on the 100,000 comment milestone. Have you ever noticed how beautiful she is? I mean, I know she's popular but that's because she's such a kind and good hearted woman... but the beautiful thing... ~ fans self ~ .
~ gravity... walk away from the jelly beans... they give you pimples... (giggle)

Ok.. wanna laugh? I mean... I laughed loud 'nuf to attrack far too much attention at work over this...
[ :: click me :: ]
(that was shamelesly plucked from sparklegrrl's journal... who got it from another...)
(ps. sparklegrrl... um... I'm back on the beautiful thing again... )

Ok... I'll stop now... gotta get back to work ... see ya muchachos et muchachas... you guys rock!
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Feel almost bad for NY when the dissallowed that goal.
One more game yo. Then, if history is any indiction, we (Senators) blow it. :D

American Idol... so the girl that got tossed... not liked much?
I saw the other blonde sing the other day (Billy Joel song) and she was crap.
So I figured they were tossing her... but alas (earwax)...
they tossed the girl with the great bum.

West Wing was new (wohoo). off to watch it in a minute.
byron I haven't forgotten about you... sorry you don't have it yet. :)

Four day weekend coming up... that kinda rocks!


holy hockey game!!!
I - moi - a'sitt'en and cheering for TO...
alas... (earwax)... but 3 over time periods!!