April 15th, 2003




Man I love that little guy...(geo, in the background) he's been such an amazing boy lately. :D

My server is just having a shit attack... I'm going nutz trying to get it's performance up. I think tonight will be a full on system dig to see what the hell is wrong. I think it's a pppoe problem. blah...

So Mother Nature is on a crack freak again... I mean, she's somewhere... half dressed, lying on a cheep matress trying to focus on a little crack pipe. Last night was all about wind.. like the she was blowing out a killer toke and pushing one climate out of the way so she could make room for today... which is going to be ... well, HOT... like 26 degrees hot... and then, just because her dealer has her on the Pay As You Go plan, it's gonna get a big wind again tonight because tomorrow it's suppose to freaking SNOW. Bitch! get off that crap and go back to smoking pot would ya...

Last night was all about Hockey... (faker fan that I am...)... Watched a great hockey game between the Sens and the Islanders... Winning was just a cherrie on that game. By the end of the first overtime period the SOG were tied up for the game... it was a hulluva lot of fun to watch. :D Oh and I hear Toronto got lucky... maybe... just maybe we'll have another Canadian match up in the semi's :D

Oh... and I went to bed at 11:00 last night... slept like a rock till 6:00... it was fantastic!! (see the white boy grin)

~ um... checks.. ahh.. gray ftls.
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk gray t with a sorta silk button up shirt...
~ to do more reading... and start interviewing people today for the report I have to have FINISHED in two days... yikes.
~ to rip apart the logs on my server and find out what's wrong... and I think I have to blow off a friend that wanted me to host his web site...
~ Oh... and I have a killer lunch today... I got a new lunch box... :D and I have a Mecaleena (or however you spell that) lunch thing... you know, you have to heat it up in the wave and smack yer ass while it cooks... It's a chinese variety today... called "Yu Sing"... so I'm figuring... I have to sing at lunch...
~ holy birthday bonanza... gotta make a few b-day wishes today... :D
~ that teasdale's ouchi side gets bedda... maybe when you repair the last dent in the car... the pain will magically vanish. :D
~ to just send some love'en vibes out to my Australian sugar ... notcharming... it's gonna be good sugar.
~ to send a note out to kaylee... if it needs a cleaning lady... the kids play house is too big. !!!
~ I could spend about 15 minutes just tickling tonya... just 'cause.
~ and wishing to shoot more lj style love'en to a wonderful young woman... krizsa. You are just precious C... just precious.

Hey... missed Birthday Bits...
April 13 mobiusant I missed this sugar... I do hope you have a great year... and find all the moments worth remembering that you can handle. :D
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Holla Lj Birthday Babies...

Happy Birthdayssssssss

Today... there is a lineup at the birthday booth... so;

giggly_girl - The Birthday Girl with all the names... :D Christina... Happy Birthday sugar... you've brought so many smiles to my life ... thank you. :D I hope you have a grand day and that this next year is an adventure that takes you places your heart wants to go... no just places your feet need to go. :D

bramey Oh man... Bronwyn... besides being the only Bronwyn in my world... you are simply one of the most adorable people I have met in lj. I love reading your journal for a lot of good reasons but chief among them is that it really does give me a sense of you... It's not just a game you play with friends. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you get to twist the world a bit and find yourself with good friends and lovers this year.

kendokamel Hey Stick Girl. (er, that's not a body type, btw... but rather... a ref to her prefered method of beating back the unwashed!!) Happy Birthday sugar... may your sticks be ever stong and your enjoyment of life unfailing. :D Have a wonderful day sweets and a I do hope you have a grand year. :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear all-ya'all!!! Happy Birthday to you!

... Thank you.

Happy Birthday Stephanie

So [ :: this was two years ago!! :: ] um... I still have the little head-bobbing Stephi_banana doll on my desk... :D (and please disregard the goofy picture of me there... it's the stephanie moment that counts...

Today is the "unregistered birthday" of miss stephanie... Just imagine being on the other side of a table negotiating with her for the terms of your store's lease... I'd be way too afraid to piss her off... 'cause then she might leave (:D) so I'd just agree to everything... What do ya bet her clients "just agree to everything..."

Dear Stephanie: I wanted to take a moment on your birthday, among the several posts exhibiting your goofy fun loving and off the wall nature (the photographic evidence is voluminous sugar!!), to tell you why I'm wishing you a happy birthday.

I met you three years ago... we had coffee... so I mean "met you" in the "meat space" form of the concept... and from that moment forward I have paid close attention to you... how could I not? You are a beautiful young woman and you possess that very special spark in life that lets you find the fun. Way WAY too many people could not "find the fun" if it came up and bit them on the ass. I know your life has been a roller coaster ride over the last year, but through it all, you have continued to be the Stephanie so deserving of her friends admiration and love.

You have taken the time to be a real person, in the face of so many cyber friends that simple smile and nod when life gets complicated. I will never forget or discount the experience of having my ass kicked back onto the better path when I let myself stray. Love and the way it plays with your heart makes for some of lifes more memorable moments... but the moments when your friends come to call with a healthy dose of reality are the moments that should be treasured above all else.

There is great pleasure in knowing how crazy-in-love you are now... to read and feel the way your heart soars with the turns your life has taken brings a smile to my heart. I know that's very sappy but you know me well 'nuf by now to know that I cannot escape sappy when I'm moved to tell my friends how much I care about them.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that this next year paints a picture of your life with brushstrokes that lead from where you are... to where your heart wants to be.

Happy Birthday sweet stephanie.
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