April 13th, 2003



holy bedhead batman!

(yeah, I know how to spell holy...) :D

Friday night? Went to bed at about 3:00... ok, 3:30... at 3:45 Geo shows up in our bed... moans twice... then gets sick for the next three hours... oh it was bad. (ug). Poor little goob has been feverish, puke'en, dizzy and generally yuck all week end. The boys missed their first swimming lesson of the season and there's no way Geo is going to taekwando today. So Saturday was mostly watching movies and taking care of the little ones. :D

~ um.. (looks)... sweat pants ... sweat shirt... hood.
~ shower and shave yo... so very needed today.
~ finish new computer for another SIL
~ taekwando... test is in a few weeks...
~ keep taking care of Geo
~ buy clothes...
~ go to future shop with a compact flash card and try a few cameras...
~ ug... I had more sleep....
~ I could get a hair cut... i should call my mom... (yes, my mother cuts my hair)

You know... this computer free saturday thing is really getting in the way of enjoying the Gardengnome truth or dare games!! :D

ok... this is "quick read" time... need to go see if Geo's breakfast is staying down... (yummy!)

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oh... did someone say hockey?


Yes... we all watched the Sens chew up a little Island Kabob last night.
hehe... it was quite the scene on the streets leading up to the game. I was driving back from my SIL's house ... normally a 5 minute drive... it took almost 30 minutes to crawl through the throngs of jersey wearing fans carrying banners along the roads. :D